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+ <li><b>28 March 2010 -- BusyBox 1.16.1 (stable)</b>
+ <p><a href="">BusyBox 1.16.1</a>.
+ (<a href="">git</a>,
+ <a href="">patches</a>,
+ <a href="">how to add a patch</a>)</p>
+ <p>Bug fix release. 1.16.1 has fixes for ash (SEGV with 'trap' and 'jobs'),
+ beep (pause was 1000 times too small), udhcpd (SEGV with -v), fbsplash
+ (re-enable drawing of images with size different than screen size),
+ hush (exec was not picking up applets in standalone mode), blkid
+ (a few newer swap formats supported), md5sum/shaNsum (accept -bt options),
+ syslogd (logfile had mode 0666), tail (a case where we tried to write
+ negative number of bytes), tftpd (open without third argument),
+ touch (-d wasn't working as it should), wc (with one file, don't print
+ any leading spaces), wget (SEGV if proxy is specified in environment),
+ some toolchain compatibility fixes, help text fixes,
+ build system fix (defconfig was not updated).
+ </p>
+ </li>
<li><b>27 January 2010 -- BusyBox 1.16.0 (unstable)</b>
<p><a href="">BusyBox 1.16.0</a>.
(<a href="">git</a>,