Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* top: fix memset length (sizeof(ptr) vs sizeof(array) problem)HEADmasterDenys Vlasenko4 hours
* top: fix and merge code to parse /proc/meminfoTimo Teräs47 hours
* sha3: add 32-bit optimized bit-sliced implementationDenys Vlasenko4 days
* zcip: fix link-local IP conflict detectionKen Sharp9 days
* udhcp: add PXELINUX path prefix option (code 210) definitionJeremy Kerr13 days
* ntpd: add support for -I IFACEDenys Vlasenko2014-07-15
* modinfo: fix module parsing with kernel >= 2.6.37David Marchand2014-07-04
* fatattr: use the standard type for 32-bit intDenys Vlasenko2014-07-04
* setlogcons: fix help textDenys Vlasenko2014-07-04
* syslogd: make "reopen log file every second" logic work for multiple logsJoshua Judson Rosen2014-07-03
* syslogd: syslogd: don't *decrement* log_file->size on write failuresJoshua Judson Rosen2014-07-02
* syslogd: make "-O -" log to stdoutDenys Vlasenko2014-07-02
* test: fix mishandling of "test '(' = '('" and similarDenys Vlasenko2014-07-01
* libbb: fix bb_ask() to flush input before prompt, not after. Closes 7190Denys Vlasenko2014-07-01
* cpio: reinstate "options:" line in help textDenys Vlasenko2014-06-30
* Rename INIT_LAST to INIT_FUNC to avoid confusionBartosz Golaszewski2014-06-30
* fatattr: new appletPascal Bellard2014-06-30
* lzop: add overflow checkDenys Vlasenko2014-06-30
* stat: fix printing selinux context and null-dereferenceMichael Gernoth2014-06-27
* ftpd: do not use root_fd if we are not in chrootDenys Vlasenko2014-06-27
* ftpd: for LIST, open current directory *in the child*Denys Vlasenko2014-06-27
* ftpd: escape chroot prior to re-executing ls helperDenys Vlasenko2014-06-27
* awk: fix handling of "if ... break ; else ..." - closes 7226Denys Vlasenko2014-06-26
* ftpd: optimize writes of LIST results a bitDenys Vlasenko2014-06-26
* nanddump: change default to --bb=skipbadRichard Genoud2014-06-25
* nanddump: kill -b Omit bad blockRichard Genoud2014-06-25
* nanddump: add options --bb=skipbad and padbadRichard Genoud2014-06-25
* nanddump: correct rounding to next page (lead to infinite loop)Richard Genoud2014-06-25
* ftpd: support deprecated XPWD commandDenys Vlasenko2014-06-25
* libbb: fix compile failure if both ARG_MAX and _SC_ARG_MAX are definedDenys Vlasenko2014-06-25
* unlink: new appletIsaac Dunham2014-06-22
* unit-tests: implement the unit-testing frameworkBartosz Golaszewski2014-06-22
* libbb: use a wrapper around sysconf(_SC_CLK_TCK) to save a few bytesBartosz Golaszewski2014-06-22
* find: use sysconf(_SC_ARG_MAX) to determine the command-line size limitDenys Vlasenko2014-06-22
* find: exit code fixes for find -execDenys Vlasenko2014-06-19
* find: add optional support for '-exec ... {} +'Bartosz Golaszewski2014-06-17
* udhcpc: make hostname sanitization optional. Closes 3979Denys Vlasenko2014-06-15
* syslogd: Unify unlink/truncate + unlock log-rotation logicJoshua Judson Rosen2014-06-02
* syslogd: remember to un-writelock log-files even when called with "-b 0"Joshua Judson Rosen2014-06-02
* syslogd: avoid spurious ftrunctate() calls for "-b 0"Joshua Judson Rosen2014-06-02
* modprobe-small: fix safe_strncpy truncating last char of module nameDenys Vlasenko2014-05-26
* Add conditional support for -v / --verboseDenys Vlasenko2014-05-19
* getty: explain when setsid() fails. no code changesDenys Vlasenko2014-05-10
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Vlasenko2014-05-10
| * trylink: emit names of linked executablesDenys Vlasenko2014-05-04
| * which: rewriteTito Ragusa2014-05-04
* | trylink: emit names of linked executablesDenys Vlasenko2014-05-03
* | which: rewriteTimo Teräs2014-05-03
* libbb: rename execable -> executable. No code changesDenys Vlasenko2014-05-02
* libbb: fix empty PATH components handlingDenys Vlasenko2014-05-02