~aldot/git/mything1aldot8 years
~aldot/git/nagios_snmpaldot3 years
~correa/git/buildrootcorrea9 years
~wberrier/git/buildrootwberrier9 years
uClibcA C library for embedded Linuxaldot3 years
~ulf/git/at91bootstrapAT91bootstrap: Buildroot version of AT91SAM9 bootstrapulf9 years
uClibc++An embedded C++ librarygkajmowi22 months
~jacmet/git/atvtoolAppleTV utility programjacmet10 years
~aldot/git/blackboxwmBlackBox X11 Window manageraldot10 years
bugs-websiteBugzilla on weeks
buildroot-testBuildroot Autobuilder Testroot2 months
buildrootBuildroot: Making Embedded Linux easyjacmet114 min.
~ulf/git/atmel-2009-08Buildroot: latest "target/device/Atmel" treeulf9 years
~ulf/git/buildrootBuildroot: miscellaneous changes to Buildrootulf9 years
busyboxBusyBox: The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linuxvda19 hours
~jacmet/git/u-boot-hmtDas U-Boot for Airgoo HMTjacmet8 years
~aldot/git/dhcpd-snmpISC-dhcpd lease pools to SNMP gateway. Dump per-pool statistics from lease file ...aldot8 years
~jacmet/git/linux-hmtLinux kernel for Airgoo HMTjacmet8 years
~nkukard/git/buildrootNigel's buildroot repositorynkukard9 years
tinyloginOld; please use tinylogin from busyboxjacmet9 years
udhcpOld; please use udhcp from busyboxvda12 years
~aldot/git/buildrootUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.aldot9 years
~aldot/git/ndoutils-oracleUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.aldot9 years
git-hooksVarious git hooks that run on the serverroot2 years
udhcp-webWebsite for years
busybox-websiteWebsite for days
uClibc++-websiteWebsite for years
uClibc-websiteWebsite for months
~ymorin/git/buildrootYann E. MORIN's development tree for Buildroot.ymorin4 days
~ymorin/git/buildroot-testYann E. MORIN's personal Buildroot-test tree.ymorin2 years
~aldot/git/bbkeyskey handler for BlackBox X11 Window Manageraldot10 years