BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterautobuild-run: enforce a sane umaskYann E. MORIN5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-05-17autobuild-run: enforce a sane umaskHEADmasterYann E. MORIN
2018-04-17autobuild-run: remove only tarballs from download dirRicardo Martincoski
2018-04-04autobuild-run: prepare_build(): ignore directories in dldirPeter Korsgaard
2018-04-01Allow '%' as a wildcard for the reason argument in index.phpThomas Petazzoni
2018-02-10utils/daily-mail: allow to configure the From: addressThomas Petazzoni
2018-02-06web/ remove debug messageThomas Petazzoni
2018-02-06web/ failure reason use build-time.logMatthew Weber
2018-02-06web/schema.sql: schema update for branch varcharMatthew Weber
2018-02-06scripts/autobuild-run: convert to monitor thread to detect hung buildsMatthew Weber
2017-11-09daily-mail: add support for reporting results from multiple branchesThomas Petazzoni