BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterdaily-mail: handle lack of successful, failed or timed out buildsThomas Petazzoni6 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 hoursdaily-mail: handle lack of successful, failed or timed out buildsHEADmasterThomas Petazzoni
37 hoursUpdate m68k toolchainsThomas Petazzoni
38 hoursutils/daily-mail: update mailing list e-mailThomas Petazzoni
38 hoursutils/daily-mail: send e-mails to the real recipientsThomas Petazzoni
38 hoursAdd execute permissions on daily-mail scriptThomas Petazzoni
2 daysutils: replace mailing scriptThomas Petazzoni
5 daysconfigs: update Blackfin and ARC toolchainsThomas Petazzoni
13 daysUpdate ARC toolchainThomas Petazzoni
2016-08-10import: reject results from Andre's build machineThomas Petazzoni
2016-08-10web/toolchains/configs: Blackfin toolchain without C++Thomas Petazzoni