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authorGravatar Sonic Zhang <sonic.zhang@analog.com>2013-05-03 00:39:35 +0000
committerGravatar Peter Korsgaard <jacmet@sunsite.dk>2013-05-05 22:48:47 +0200
commit371e6dc7801cbc52cba1e8501cde3c7cd308f28a (patch)
parent57133825c930a193ce9223b4372b900c4c84c9b9 (diff)
arch: Add blackfin CPU choice
This patch adds a Target CPU configuration option and uses it to select a -m option for gcc. Signed-off-by: Sonic Zhang <sonic.zhang@analog.com> Acked-by: Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni@free-electrons.com> Signed-off-by: Peter Korsgaard <jacmet@sunsite.dk>
1 files changed, 94 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/arch/Config.in.bfin b/arch/Config.in.bfin
index 2a7ff547fe..ac96620413 100644
--- a/arch/Config.in.bfin
+++ b/arch/Config.in.bfin
@@ -1,5 +1,99 @@
+ prompt "Target CPU"
+ depends on BR2_bfin
+ default BR2_bf609
+ help
+ Specify target CPU
+config BR2_bf606
+ bool "bf606"
+config BR2_bf607
+ bool "bf607"
+config BR2_bf608
+ bool "bf608"
+config BR2_bf609
+ bool "bf609"
+config BR2_bf512
+ bool "bf512"
+config BR2_bf514
+ bool "bf514"
+config BR2_bf516
+ bool "bf516"
+config BR2_bf518
+ bool "bf518"
+config BR2_bf522
+ bool "bf522"
+config BR2_bf523
+ bool "bf523"
+config BR2_bf524
+ bool "bf524"
+config BR2_bf525
+ bool "bf525"
+config BR2_bf526
+ bool "bf526"
+config BR2_bf527
+ bool "bf527"
+config BR2_bf531
+ bool "bf531"
+config BR2_bf532
+ bool "bf532"
+config BR2_bf533
+ bool "bf533"
+config BR2_bf534
+ bool "bf534"
+config BR2_bf536
+ bool "bf536"
+config BR2_bf537
+ bool "bf537"
+config BR2_bf538
+ bool "bf538"
+config BR2_bf539
+ bool "bf539"
+config BR2_bf542
+ bool "bf542"
+config BR2_bf544
+ bool "bf544"
+config BR2_bf547
+ bool "bf547"
+config BR2_bf548
+ bool "bf548"
+config BR2_bf549
+ bool "bf549"
+config BR2_bf561
+ bool "bf561"
config BR2_ARCH
default "bfin"
config BR2_ENDIAN
default "LITTLE"
+ default bf606 if BR2_bf606
+ default bf607 if BR2_bf607
+ default bf608 if BR2_bf608
+ default bf609 if BR2_bf609
+ default bf512 if BR2_bf512
+ default bf514 if BR2_bf514
+ default bf516 if BR2_bf516
+ default bf518 if BR2_bf518
+ default bf522 if BR2_bf522
+ default bf523 if BR2_bf523
+ default bf524 if BR2_bf524
+ default bf525 if BR2_bf525
+ default bf526 if BR2_bf526
+ default bf527 if BR2_bf527
+ default bf531 if BR2_bf531
+ default bf532 if BR2_bf532
+ default bf533 if BR2_bf533
+ default bf534 if BR2_bf534
+ default bf536 if BR2_bf536
+ default bf537 if BR2_bf537
+ default bf538 if BR2_bf538
+ default bf539 if BR2_bf539
+ default bf542 if BR2_bf542
+ default bf544 if BR2_bf544
+ default bf547 if BR2_bf547
+ default bf548 if BR2_bf548
+ default bf549 if BR2_bf549
+ default bf561 if BR2_bf561