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+== Release Engineering
+=== Releases
+The Buildroot project makes quarterly releases with monthly bugfix
+releases. The first release of each year is a long term support
+release, LTS.
+ - Quarterly releases: 2020.02, 2020.05, 2020.08, and 2020.11
+ - Bugfix releases: 2020.02.1, 2020.02.2, ...
+ - LTS releases: 2020.02, 2021.02, ...
+Releases are supported until the first bugfix release of the next
+release, e.g., 2020.05.x is EOL when 2020.08.1 is released.
+LTS releases are supported until the first bugfix release of the next
+LTS, e.g., 2020.02.x is supported until 2021.02.1 is released.
+=== Development
+Each release cycle consist of two months of development on the +master+
+branch and one month stabilization before the release is made. During
+this phase no new features are added to +master+, only bugfixes.
+The stabilization phase starts with tagging +-rc1+, and every week until
+the release, another release candidate is tagged.
+To handle new features and version bumps during the stabilization phase,
+a +next+ branch may be created for these features. Once the current
+release has been made, the +next+ branch is merged into +master+ and
+the development cycle for the next release continues there.