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authorRomain Naour <>2017-09-02 20:07:41 (GMT)
committerThomas Petazzoni <>2017-09-02 21:05:09 (GMT)
commit0d8247947eb756a8505b5930c66b034e58b10df0 (patch)
parent110a76baa085b1f164a1a0a8801e2258ef15f916 (diff)
package/xmlstarlet: fix host build
Provide the path to HOST_DIR for libxml, libxslt and libiconv like for the target variant to avoid a build issue on host where /bin is a symlink to /usr/bin. Indeed, the configure script use a custom m4 macro XSTAR_LIB_CHECK to find xml2-config: XSTAR_LIB_CHECK([LIBXML], [xml2-config]) This macro come from a local m4 file m4/xstar-check-libs.m4 where it use: AC_PATH_PROG(LIBXXX()_CONFIG, xxx_config(), [], [$LIBXXX()_PREFIX/bin$PATH_SEPARATOR$PATH] Since no prefix seems to be defined by $LIBXXX()_PREFIX, AC_PATH_PROG look by itself at /bin/ for xml2-config. So the PATH variable set by Buildroot containing HOST_DIR/bin is ignored. The wrong xml2-config is used during the build and the build fail when no xml2 headers are installed on the host. Fixes: src/xml_C14N.c:12:31: fatal errorĀ : libxml/xmlversion.h : No such file or directory #include <libxml/xmlversion.h> ^ In file included from src/trans.c:4:0: src/trans.h:32:30: fatal errorĀ : libxml/xmlmemory.h : No such file or directory #include <libxml/xmlmemory.h> Signed-off-by: Romain Naour <> Cc: Bernd Kuhls <> [Thomas: remove french messages from the commit log, drop --with-libiconv-prefix option, since we don't have a libiconv dependency for the host.] Signed-off-by: Thomas Petazzoni <>
1 files changed, 4 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/package/xmlstarlet/ b/package/xmlstarlet/
index 9920dcf..1d748dc 100644
--- a/package/xmlstarlet/
+++ b/package/xmlstarlet/
@@ -26,5 +26,9 @@ endif
HOST_XMLSTARLET_DEPENDENCIES += host-libxml2 host-libxslt
+ --with-libxml-prefix=$(HOST_DIR)/usr \
+ --with-libxslt-prefix=$(HOST_DIR)/usr
$(eval $(autotools-package))
$(eval $(host-autotools-package))