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manual: add advice about GPL compliance for Buildroot
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@@ -284,3 +284,30 @@ Buildroot, with the name used in the manifest file:
* +BSD-2c+: BSD 2-clause license;
* +PROPRIETARY+: marks a non-opensource package;
Buildroot does not save any licensing info or source code for these packages.
+Complying with the Buildroot license
+Buildroot itself is an opensource software, released under the
+[GNU General Public
+License, version 2] or (at your option) any later version.
+However, being a build system, it is not normally part of the end product:
+if you develop the root filesystem, kernel, bootloader or toolchain for a
+device, the code of Buildroot is only present on the development machine, not
+in the device storage.
+Nevertheless, the general view of the Buildroot developers is that you should
+release the Buildroot source code along with the source code of other packages
+when releasing a product that contains GPL-licensed software.
+This is because the
+defines the "'complete source code'" for an executable work as "'all the
+source code for all modules it contains, plus any associated interface
+definition files, plus the scripts used to control compilation and installation
+of the executable'".
+Buildroot is part of the 'scripts used to control compilation and
+installation of the executable', and as such it is considered part of the
+material that must be redistributed.
+Keep in mind this is only the Buildroot developers' opinion, and you should
+consult your legal department or lawyer in case of any doubt.