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Explain why we don't support ELDK toolchains.
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toolchains that support the <i>sysroot</i> feature should
work. If not, do not hesitate to contact the developers.</p>
+ <p>We do not support toolchains from
+ the <a href="">ELDK of Denx</a>,
+ for two reasons:</p>
+ <ul>
+ <li>The ELDK does not contain a pure toolchain (i.e just the
+ compiler, binutils, the C and C++ libraries), but a toolchain
+ that comes with a very large set of pre-compiled libraries and
+ programs. Therefore, Buildroot cannot import the <i>sysroot</i>
+ of the toolchain, as it would contain hundreds of megabytes of
+ pre-compiled libraries that are normally built by
+ Buildroot.</li>
+ <li>The ELDK toolchains have a completely non-standard custom
+ mechanism to handle multiple library variants. Instead of using
+ the standard GCC <i>multilib</i> mechanism, the ARM ELDK uses
+ different symbolic links to the compiler to differentiate
+ between library variants (for ARM soft-float and ARM VFP), and
+ the PowerPC ELDK compiler uses a <code>CROSS_COMPILE</code>
+ environment variable. This non-standard behaviour makes it
+ difficult to support ELDK in Buildroot.</li>
+ </ul>
<h2 id="add_packages">Adding new packages to Buildroot</h2>
<p>This section covers how new packages (userspace libraries or