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CHANGES: update with recent changes
Signed-off-by: Peter Korsgaard <>
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Ccache support reworked. Now used for both host and target
compilation, and cache is stored in ~/.buildroot-ccache.
- Updated/fixed packages: alsa-utils, at, busybox, bzip2, dbus,
- direcfb-examples, dmalloc, cloop, cups, ffmpeg, gdk-pixbuf,
- hostapd, i2c-tools, input-tools, libaio, libconfig, libtheora,
- lsof, ltp-testsuite, lvm2, m4, memtester, mii-diag, mplayer,
- mrouted, netplug, openssh, openssl, openvpn, pango, qt, rsync,
- sdl_gfx, sdl_sound, sysklogd, sysvinit, udev, usbutils,
+ Toolchain: uClibc 0.9.32-rc1, several components moved to
+ normal AUTOTARGET packages.
+ Support for bzr downloads, next to the existing git/svn support.
+ EXT2 file system size handling improved. U-Boot 2010.12 added.
+ Updated/fixed packages: alsa-utils, at, autoconf, automake,
+ binutils, bison, busybox, bzip2, cloop, cups, dbus,
+ direcfb-examples, dmalloc, ed, ffmpeg, findutils, freetype,
+ gdk-pixbuf, gmp, grep, gst-plugins-good, gvfs, hostapd,
+ i2c-tools, icu, input-tools, jpeg, libaio, libcap, libconfig,
+ libglib2, libogg, libtheora, libtool, libvorbis, libxml2,
+ libxslt, linux-fusion, lsof, ltp-testsuite, lvm2, m4,
+ memtester, mesa3d, mii-diag, mpc, mpfr, mplayer, mrouted,
+ nano, netperf, netplug, openssh, openssl, openvpn, oprofile,
+ pango, patch, php, portmap, qt, rsync, screen, sdl_gfx,
+ sdl_sound, sqlite, squid, sstrip, sysklogd, sysvinit, tar,
+ tslib, udev, usbutils, vim, vtun, webkit, xapp_xlogo,
xkeyboard-config, xlib_libX11, xz, zlib
- New packages: dhrystone, fbgrab, lsuio, rsh-redone, whetstone,
- xl2tp
+ New packages: dhrystone, fbgrab, lsuio, rsh-redone, sdparm,
+ whetstone, xl2tp
Removed packages: hotplug, l2tp, libfloat, microcom,