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authorJan Kundrát <>2018-03-12 18:41:00 (GMT)
committerPeter Korsgaard <>2018-03-13 08:27:50 (GMT)
commit7d43534625ac06ae01987113e912ffaf1aec2302 (patch)
parent814a9c32aed47eb7fb3240ae58175846c7e2de48 (diff)
cmake: Fix RPATH for host libraries built by CMake
The host shared libraries produced by CMake were missing a proper DT_RPATH. That became a problem because the DT_RPATH handling is not transitive by design. Consider the following scenario: - pkg-a provides a library (`liba`) which links to `libpcre` - pkg-b provides a binary (`foo`) and a shared library (`libb`) which is needed by that binary - `libb` links to `liba` - pkg-a and pkg-b are both built by CMake In this scenario, `foo` is correctly marked with DT_RPATH pointing to host/lib/, but that path is not used when (recursively) resolving PCRE's symbols in `liba`. When attempting to run the `foo` binary, the linker correctly finds both `liba` and `libb`, but it cannot find the as built by Buildroot for host. Signed-off-by: Jan Kundrát <> Reviewed-by: Samuel Martin <> Signed-off-by: Peter Korsgaard <>
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diff --git a/package/ b/package/
index 14ffe4a..9b07798 100644
--- a/package/
+++ b/package/
@@ -132,6 +132,7 @@ define $(2)_CONFIGURE_CMDS