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Update for 2019.02.2
Signed-off-by: Peter Korsgaard <peter@korsgaard.com> (cherry picked from commit 3b4b3e7cd4618e56f5c6a8ea098ffd573a2e868e) [Peter: drop Makefile changes] Signed-off-by: Peter Korsgaard <peter@korsgaard.com>
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+2019.02.2, Released April 29th, 2019
+ Important / security related fixes.
+ Only build host-lzip / host-xz when really needed by packages,
+ not just when not available on the build host.
+ fs: Set FAKEROOTDONTTRYCHOWN environment variable to not
+ forward {f,l,}chown calls to libc when running under fakeroot
+ to fix issues when building in restricted environments
+ (E.G. user namespace with bubblewrap).
+ Linux: Also build default make target to ensure extra files
+ like the gdb scripts enabled by CONFIG_GDB_SCRIPTS are also
+ built. Notice: This may mean that extra host utilities like
+ uboot-mkimage are needed.
+ Defconfigs: ASUS tinker and Amarula vyasa rk3822: Support
+ larger kernel images, Atmel SAM5D27, SAM5D2,3,4 xplained:
+ Increase rootfs size to fit utilities, Raspberry Pi 64bit:
+ Include overlays in sdcard image
+ Updated/fixed packages: android-tools, apache, bind, binutils,
+ busybox, civetweb, cjson, copas, davfs2, docker-cli,
+ docker-containerd, docker-engine, dovecot, dovecot-pigeonhole,
+ freerdp, gerbera, ghostscript, git, gnutls, go, gst-omx,
+ gst1-plugins-base, gst1-plugins-ugly, haproxy, hostapd,
+ ipsec-tools, libfreefare, libfuse, libkrb5, libpng, libxml2,
+ libxslt, linknx, linux, linux-firmware, linux-tools, live555,
+ lldp, lrzsz, lynx, madplay, make, minicom, mongodb, msmtp,
+ musl, mutt, neon, netsnmp, numactl, opus, perl, php,
+ postgresql, pure-ftpd, python-urllib3, python3, qt5base,
+ rapidxml, rpm, rsyslog, ruby, runc, samba4, sane-backends,
+ softether, stunnel, sysklogd, syslinux, syslog-ng,
+ systemd-bootchart, thttpd, thrift, tiff, tor, tpm2-tools,
+ tpm2-tss, webkitgtk, yaffs2utils, wget, wpa_supplicant, wsapi,
+ xapp_xfd, xapp_xload, xlib_libXpm, xserver_xorg-server, xz,
+ znc
+ Issues resolved (http://bugs.uclibc.org):
+ #11756: package/syslinux: MBR's don't fit because of binutils..
+ #11761: Building custom kernel 5.1-rc3 or later breaks on objtool
2019.02.1, Released March 29th, 2019
Important / security related fixes.