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+ <li><b>13 November 2013 -- Announcement of the next Buildroot Developer Days</b>
+ <p>The next <i>Buildroot Developer Days</i> meeting will take
+ place on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th February 2014 in Brussels,
+ Belgium - Just after
+ <a href="">FOSDEM</a> (February
+ 1st/2nd). This two days meeting is mainly open to Buildroot
+ developers and contributors, or Buildroot users having a prior
+ experience with the tool. It will allow developers to work on
+ Buildroot and discuss current issues, the future directions, and
+ more.</p>
+ <p>In addition to the Buildroot event, we encourage embedded Linux
+ developers to propose talks for the Embedded and Mobile Developer
+ Room at FOSDEM. See
+ the <a href="">CFP</a>.</p>
+ <p>We would like to thank our
+ sponsor <a href="">Google</a> for sponsoring
+ the event by providing all the needed logistics.</p>
+ <p>For more details, see the
+ <a href="">wiki
+ page</a> dedicated to the meeting.</p>
<li><b>12 November 2013 -- 2013.11-rc1 released</b>
<p>We have a new release candidate! Lots of changes all over the