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CHANGES: update with recent changes
The description of important changes still needs to be added. Signed-off-by: Peter Korsgaard <peter@korsgaard.com>
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+2014.08, Not yet released
+ Fixes all over the tree and new features.
+ Updated/fixed packages: aespipe, aiccu, alsa-lib, alsa-utils,
+ alsamixergui, argus, armadillo, at, atftp, atk, avahi,
+ avrdude, axel, b43-firmware, b43-fwcutter, bandwidthd, bc,
+ bcusdk, beecrypt, bind, binutils, blackbox, bluez5_utils,
+ bmon, boa, bonnie, bootutils, bsdiff, btrfs-progs, bustle,
+ busybox, bwm-ng, bzip2, ca-certificates, cairo, can-utils,
+ ccache, ccrypt, chrony, cifs-utils, classpath, cloog, cmake,
+ collectd, connman, coreutils, cosmo, cppcms, cramfs, crda,
+ cryptodev-linux, cryptodev, ctorrent, cvs, dbus-cpp,
+ dbus-glib, dbus-python, dbus, dcron, dejavu, devmem2,
+ dfu-util, dhcp, dhcpcd, dhcpdump, dhrystone, dialog, dillo,
+ distcc, dmidecode, dmraid, dnsmasq, doom-wad, dropbear,
+ dropwatch, dsp-tools, dtv-scan-tables, dvb-apps, e2fsprogs,
+ e2tools, eeprog, eigen, elf2flt, elftosb, enlightenment,
+ enscript, espeak, ethtool, eudev, evemu, exim, expedite,
+ explorercanvas, ezxml, faifa, fan-ctrl, fconfig, feh,
+ fetchmail, ffmpeg, fftw, file, fio, fis, flann, flashrom,
+ flex, flot, fltk, fontconfig, freerdp, freescale-imx,
+ freetype, ftop, gcc, gd, gdb, genimage, genromfs, gettext,
+ giblib, glib-networking, glibc, gmp, gnupg, gnutls, gpm, gpsd,
+ gptfdisk, gpu-viv-bin-imx6q, gqview, grantlee, gst-ffmpeg,
+ gst-fsl-plugins, gst1-libav, gst1-plugins-bad,
+ gst1-plugins-ugly, gtk2-engines, gtk2-theme-hicolor, gtkperf,
+ gvfs, haserl, hdparm, hostapd, httping, i2c-tools, icu,
+ imagemagick, imx-lib, inadyn, inotify-tools, input-tools,
+ ipkg, iproute2, iputils, irda-utils, iw, jack2, jpeg, jquery,
+ jquery-keyboard, jquery-mobile, jquery-validation, jsmin, kbd,
+ kexec, kmod, knock, latencytop, lcdapi, leafpad, lesstif,
+ lftp, libaio, libarchive, libargtable2, libart, libatasmart,
+ libatomic_ops, libbsd, libcap-ng, libcec, libcgicc, libcgroup,
+ libconfuse, libcurl, libdrm, libdvdnav, libdvdread,
+ libeXosip2, libedit, liberation, libesmtp, libev, libevas,
+ libevdev, libevent, libfcgi, libffi, libfreefare, libfslcodec,
+ libfslparser, libfslvpuwrap, libgail, libgcrypt, libglade,
+ libglib2, libgpgme, libgtk2, libhid, libical, libiconv,
+ libiqrf, libjpeg, liblog4c-localtime, libmbus, libmicrohttpd,
+ libmms, libndp, libnftnl, libnl, libnspr, libnss, liboauth,
+ libpcap, libpng, libpthsem, libqmi, libraw, libraw1394,
+ librsvg, libsoc, libsoup, libsvgtiny, libsysfs, libtasn1,
+ libtirpc, libtorrent, libusb, libv4l, libwebsockets, libxcb,
+ libxml2, libyaml, links, linux-firmware, linux-fusion,
+ linux-headers, linux-pam, lite, live555, lm-sensors,
+ lockfile-progs, lpc3250loader, lshw, lsof, lsuio, ltrace,
+ ltris, lua-messagepack, luainterpreter, luajit, luaposix,
+ luarocks, lvm2, lxc, lz4, lzo, make, makedevs, mdadm,
+ mediastreamer, mesa3d, metacity, minidlna, mkpasswd,
+ modem-manager, mongoose, mpd, mpg123, msgpack, mtd, mtools,
+ mtr, musepack, musl, mysql, nano, nasm, nbd, ncurses, ndisc6,
+ netatalk, netplug, network-manager, nftables, ngircd, nodejs,
+ nss-mdns, ntp, nut, olsr, open2300, opencv, openntpd, openocd,
+ openpgm, openpowerlink, openssh, openssl, openswan, openvpn,
+ opkg, oprofile, opus-tools, orc, p910nd, pango, parted,
+ pax-utils, pcmanfm, perf, perl, perl-module-build, php,
+ pixman, pkgconf, poco, polarssl, popt, portmap, postgresql,
+ prboom, protobuf-c, proxychains-ng, psmisc, psplash, ptpd2,
+ python,
+ python-{bottle,dpkt,id3,mad,msgpack,nfc,pygame,pyzmq,simplejson},
+ python3, qhull, qt, qt5base, qt5connectivity, qt5declarative,
+ qt5graphicaleffects, qt5multimedia, qt5quickcontrols,
+ qt5sensors, qt5svg, qt5webkit, quagga, quota, radvd, rdesktop,
+ read-edid, rpcbind, rpi-firmware, rpi-userland, rpm,
+ rsh-redone, rsync, rt-tests, rtmpdump, rtorrent, rubix, ruby,
+ samba, samba4, sane-backends, sawman, sconeserver, setserial,
+ sg3_utils, shared-mime-info, smartmontools, smcroute, snappy,
+ socketcand, spawn-fcgi, sqlite, squashfs, squid, sredird,
+ startup-notification, statserial, strongswan, stunnel,
+ sunxi-mali, supervisor, synergy, sysklogd, sysprof, sysstat,
+ systemd, tcpdump, tcpreplay, texinfo, thrift, thttpd, ti-gfx,
+ ti-utils, tinyhttpd, torsmo, trace-cmd, transmission, tslib,
+ tstools, tvheadend, tzdata, uboot-tools, uclibc, udev,
+ udpcast, usb_modeswitch, usbmount, util-linux, valgrind, vim,
+ vlc, w_scan, wayland, webrtc-audio-processing, weston, wget,
+ wireless-regdb, wireless_tools, wireshark, wpa_supplicant,
+ xapp_{twm,xconsole,xcursorgen,xedit,xfs,xinit,xrandr},
+ xdriver_xf86-video-intel, xlib_lib{FS,ICE,Xext,Xfont,Xft,Xi},
+ xproto_fontsproto, xproto_inputproto, xserver_xorg-server,
+ x11vnc, xbmc, xbmc-addon-xvdr, xbmc-pvr-addons, xterm, xvkbd,
+ xz
+ New packages: flickcurl, fmc, fmlib, geoip, gnupg2,
+ google-breakpad, imx-vpu, isl, kexec-lite, libglew, libglu,
+ libinput, libksba, libmemcached, libmpdclient, librtlsdr,
+ libuv, libva, libva-intel-driver, linux-zigbee, memcached,
+ mpdecimal, ncmpc, opencore-amr, patchelf, perl-datetime-tiny,
+ perl-gd, perl-gdgraph, perl-gdtextutil, perl-io-socket-ssl,
+ perl-json-tiny, perl-mojolicious, perl-net-ssleay,
+ perl-path-tiny, perl-try-tiny, perl-xml-libxml,
+ perl-xml-namespacesupport, perl-xml-sax, perl-xml-sax-base,
+ php-geoip, php-memcached, pifmrds, pinentry, powerpc-utils,
+ procps-ng, pwgen, python-cffi, python-daemon, python-flup,
+ python-ipython, python-numpy, qt5enginio, qt5webkit-examples,
+ qt5websockets, simicsfs, sispmctl, sox, sshpass, tclap,
+ twolame, upmpdcli, whois, xlib_libxshmfence, xproto_dri3proto
+ Removed packages: procps
+ Issues resolved (http://bugs.uclibc.org):
+ #5750: Doing a Buildroot build from /usr doesn't work
+ #5900: config flags to the Xenomai build system
+ #6230: Cannot compile gcc without threads (uClibc-based)
+ #6626: procps Unknown HZ value! (XX) Assume 100
+ #7118: Package "thrift" requires atomic operations
+ #7154: Local uClibc config file gets overwritten using ...
+ #7160: host-xz not built
+ #7166: hostapd: segfault when using RT5370
+ #7172: Name collision of rpath token expansion and internal..
+ #7178: NTPd package cannot sync time without a proper ntp.conf
+ #7184: supervisord depends on libxml2 implicitly
+ #7196: Unable to build on UBUNTU13.10
+ #7268: python 2.7 compilation issue on a Debian/Ubuntu ...
2014.05, Released May 31st, 2014
Minor fixes.