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2012.08, Not released yet:
+ Fixes all over the tree and new features.
+ Updated/fixed packages: audiofile, autoconf, automake, axel,
+ beecrypt, berkeleydb, bind, bison, boost, busybox, bzip2,
+ cmake, connman, conntrack-tools, cups, dnsmasq, e2fsprogs,
+ ethtool, fbv, gmp, gnutls, grep, gst-plugins-base,
+ gst-plugins-good, gzip, hiawatha, hostapd, icu, imagemagick,
+ iproute2, ipset, iptables, kmod, libgci, libconfig, libcurl,
+ libeXosip2, libfuse, libidn, libmbus, libmnl,
+ libnetfilter-conntrack, libnl, libnspr, libogg, libosip2,
+ libpcap, libroxml, liburcu, libxml2, lighttpd, ltrace,
+ lttng-libust, lttng-modules, lttng-tools, module-init-tools,
+ mpg123, midori, mrouted, mtd, mxml, mysql_client, nbd,
+ nfs-utils, openocd, pciutils, php, polarssl, portaudio, pppd,
+ pthread-stubs, pulseaudio, qt, quagga, radvd, rrdtool, samba,
+ sdl_gfx, sdl_sound, speex, sqlite, squashfs, squid, sudo,
+ synergy, systemd, wpa_supplicant, zlib
+ New packages: cjson, collectd, dmidecode, fbterm, flashrom,
+ freerdp, inadyn, libfreefare, libnetfilter_cttimeout, libnfc,
+ liboping, libtorrent, linphone, logsurfer, lshw,
+ mediastreamer, mobile-broadband-provider-info, monit, nanocom,
+ nss-mdns, ofone, omap-u-boot-utils, opkg, ortp, python-id3,
+ quota, ramspeed, rtorrent, sound-theme-freedesktop,
+ webrtc-audio-processing, xinetd, zxing
2012.05, Released May 30th, 2012:
Updated/fixed packages: busybox, netsnmp, pptp-linux