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+2015.02, Not yet released
+ Fixes all over the tree and new features.
+ Static/shared library handling reworked. This is now a
+ tristate (shared only / shared and static / static
+ only). Default is now shared only to speed up the
+ build. BR2_PREFER_STATIC_LIB is now called BR2_STATIC_LIBS.
+ The toolchain (internal and external) will now warn when an
+ unsafe library or header path is used (such as /usr/include or
+ /usr/lib). If BR2_COMPILER_PARANOID_UNSAFE_PATH is enabled
+ under build options this instead becomes an error.
+ A installation path issue with the internal musl toolchain
+ support has been fixed so it is now possible to reuse it as an
+ external toolchain.
+ Architectures: Freescale E5500 and E6500 PowerPC support
+ added, deprecated MIPS 1/2/3/4 support removed.
+ New defconfigs: Freescale p2020ds, MIPS creator CI20,
+ Raspberrypi with DT, UDOO Quad.
+ 'make <foo>_defconfig' now saves the path to the defconfig in
+ the .config, so a 'make savedefconfig' automatically updates
+ it.
+ Infrastructure for packages using the Erland rebar tool has
+ been added.
+ Hashes for a large number of packages have been added. Hashes
+ are now checked for both target and host packages.
+ The system menu now has an option to automatically configure a
+ network interface through DHCP at bootup.
+ The default filesystem skeleton now uses a separate tmpfs for
+ /run instead of a symlink to /tmp/ for security reasons / to
+ protect against conflicts with user generated temporary files.
+ BR2_EXTERNAL is now exported to post-build and post-image
+ scripts.
+ New packages: bdwgc, benejson, blktrace, bootstrap, cgic,
+ ding-libs, dvdauthor, ejabberd, erlang-goldrush, erlang-lager,
+ erlang-p1-cache-tab, erlang-p1-iconv, erlang-p1-sip,
+ erlang-p1-stringprep, erlang-p1-stun, erlang-p1-tls,
+ erlang-p1-utils, erlang-p1-xml, erlang-p1-yaml,
+ erlang-p1-zlib, exiv2, freeradius-client, gengetopt, glmark2,
+ gpu-amd-bin-mx51, guile, host-qemu, ifupdown, iperf3,
+ janus-gateway, kodi, kodi-audioencoder-flac,
+ kodi-audioencoder-lame, kodi-audioencoder-vorbis,
+ kodi-audioencoder-wav, libcli, libiio, liblinear, libnice,
+ libselinux, libsemanage, libserialport, libsigro,
+ libsigrokdecode, libsrtp, liburiparser, libvips, libwebsock,
+ libz160, libzip, lightning, mcelog, memtest86, mjpegtools,
+ mjpg-streamer, mke2img, mpd-mpc, netsurf-buildsystem, odhcp6c,
+ openldap, python-alsaaudio, python-certifi, python-cheetah,
+ python-coherence, python-django, python-docopt, python-enum,
+ python-enum34, python-flask, python-gobject, python-httplib2,
+ python-ipaddr, python-itsdangerous, python-jinja,
+ python-markdown, python-markupsafe, python-networkmanager,
+ python-pam, python-psutil, python-pyftpdlib, python-pyinotify,
+ python-pysendfile, python-pyxb, python-requests, python-six,
+ python-twisted, python-webpy, python-werkzeug,
+ python-zope-interface, qt5cinex, sigrok-cli, sofia-sip,
+ start-stop-daemon, szip, triggerhappy, ustr, vnstat, xorriso,
+ xtables-addons
+ Removed packages (target): bison, distcc, gob2, m4
+ Issues resolved (http://bugs.uclibc.org):
+ #7556: make interactive CLI optional for nftables
+ #7730: Error while connecting Qt Cretaor to device
+ #7766: logrotate default gzip path is usually wrong
+ #7790: Invalid ext4 image generated by Buildroot
2014.11, Released December 1st, 2014
Minor fixes.