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CHANGES: update with recent changes
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+2016.02, Not yet released
+ Fixes all over the tree and new features.
+ Toolchain: Support for GCC 5.3.x. ARC toolchain updated to
+ arc-2015.12. Support for legacy uClibc dropped, default to
+ uClibc-ng instead. Added sys/queue.h implementation for MUSL
+ for compatibility. Updated versions of Code sourcery and
+ Linaro toolchains. MIPS Codescape toolchains added. Version
+ selection for preconfigured external toolchains removed.
+ New Defconfigs: ARM Juno r0/r1 development boards, Freescale
+ i.MX6UL Evaluation Kit, Intel Galileo Gen 2, Orange Pi PC.
+ A number of defconfigs have been extended to generate complete
+ system images using genimage.
+ Makedevs utility now accepts textual (non-numerical) user and
+ group names.
+ Vagrant file to easily setup a working development environment
+ in a VM has been added.
+ Size-stats-compare script to compare rootfs sizes between
+ builds has been added.
+ Infozip package renamed to zip. EFL packages restructured.
+ Updated/fixed packages: aespipe, aiccu, alsa-lib, alsa-utils,
+ angularjs, apache, apr, argp-standalone, armadillo, arptables,
+ at, atk, audiofile, aumix, autoconf-archive, avahi, bash, bc,
+ bcache-tools, bdwgc, beecrypt, bind, binutils, bluez5_utils,
+ bluez_utils, bonnie, boost, busybox, cairo, cdrkit, chrony,
+ clamav, cmake, collectd, connman, coreutils, cppcms, crda,
+ cryptodev-linux, cryptsetup, cups, cwiid, cxxtest, dbus,
+ dbus-cpp, dbus-glib, debianutils, dhcp, dhcpcd, dhrystone,
+ dillo, directfb, directfb-examples, dmraid, dnsmasq, doom-wad,
+ dovecot, dovecot-pigeonhole, dropbear, dtv-scan-tables,
+ dvb-apps, dvbsnoop, ecryptfs-utils, eigen, ejabberd,
+ elementary, elfutils, enlightenment, erlang, espeak, eudev,
+ eventlog, exfat, exfat-utils, exiv2, expedite, faifa,
+ fakeroot, fastd, fbgrab, fetchmail, ffmpeg, findutils, fio,
+ firmware-imx, flann, flashrom, flite, flot, fmlib, freerdp,
+ freescale-imx, freetype, gauche, gawk, gcc, gcc-final, gcr,
+ gdb, gdk-pixbuf, geoip, gesftpserver, gettext, giflib, git,
+ glibc, glibmm, glog, gmp, gnupg, gnupg2, gnutls, gob2, gpsd,
+ gptfdisk, grep, gst1-libav, gst1-plugins-{bad,base,good,ugly},
+ gst-ffmpeg, gst-plugins-{bad,base,good,ugly}, gstreamer,
+ gstreamer1, guile, gvfs, gzip, harfbuzz, haserl, hiawatha,
+ hostapd, hplip, icu, ifupdown, imagemagick, imx-gpu-viv,
+ imx-kobs, imx-lib, input-tools, intel-microcode, iperf3,
+ ipmitool, iproute2, iprutils, ipsec-tools, ipset, iptables,
+ iputils, irda-utils, irssi, iucode-tool, jack2, janus-gateway,
+ jpeg-turbo, jquery-datetimepicker, jquery-keyboard,
+ jquery-sparkline, jquery-ui, jquery-ui-themes,
+ jquery-validation, json-c, kbd, kernel-module-imx-gpu-viv,
+ keyutils, kmod, knock, kodi, lcdproc, lcms2, leafnode2,
+ leafpad, libass, libatomic_ops, libbroadvoice, libbsd,
+ libcap-ng, libcdaudio, libcue, libcurl, libdrm, libecore,
+ libedbus, libedit, libedje, libeet, libefreet, libeina,
+ libeio, libelementary, libembryo, libepoxy, libethumb, libev,
+ libevas, libevas-generic-loaders, libevdev, libevent, libffi,
+ libfm, libfribidi, libfslcodec, libfslparser, libfslvpuwrap,
+ libftdi, libfuse, libgail, libglew, libglib2, libgtk2,
+ libgtk3, libgudev, libhttpparser, libidn, libinput, libiscsi,
+ libjpeg, liblinear, libmbim, libmicrohttpd, libndp, libnspr,
+ libnss, liboauth, liboping, libpciaccess, libplist, libpng,
+ libraw, libraw1394, librsvg, libseccomp, libsecret,
+ libserialport, libsigc, libsigrok, libsigrokdecode,
+ libsndfile, libsoc, libsodium, libsoup, libssh2, libsvg,
+ libsvg-cairo, libtasn1, libtirpc, libtorrent, libungif,
+ libunwind, libupnpp, liburcu, libuv, libv4l, libva,
+ libva-intel-driver, libvips, libvncserver, libxml2, libxmlpp,
+ lightning, lighttpd, linknx, linux-firmware, linux-fusion,
+ linux-headers, liquid-dsp, lirc-tools, live555, lm-sensors,
+ lockdev, lshw, ltp-testsuite, ltrace, lttng-babeltrace,
+ lttng-libust, lttng-modules, lttng-tools, lua, luabitop,
+ luarocks, luv, lvm2, lxc, makedevs, mc, memcached, memtest86,
+ mesa3d, mesa3d-demos, mesa3d-headers, micropython,
+ micropython-lib, minicom, minidlna, mjpg-streamer, mke2img,
+ moarvm, modem-manager, mongoose, mongrel2, monkey, mono,
+ monolite, mosh, mosquitto, mpd, mplayer, msgpack, mtdev2tuio,
+ musepack, musl, mysql, nano, nasm, nbd, neard, netatalk,
+ netsnmp, nettle, net-tools, network-manager, nfs-utils, nginx,
+ nmap, nodejs, ntfs-3g, ntp, numactl, nut, nvidia-driver,
+ odhcp6c, ofono, ola, olsr, omniorb, opencv, opencv3, openipmi,
+ openldap, openntpd, openobex, openocd, openpgm,
+ open-plc-utils, openpowerlink, openssh, openssl, openswan,
+ openvpn, opkg, oprofile, opus, opusfile, p11-kit, package,
+ pango, pax-utils, pciutils, pcmanfm, perl, perl-db-file,
+ perl-io-socket-ssl, perl-libwww-perl, perl-net-dns, perl-uri,
+ perl-xml-libxml, php, php-ssh2, picocom, pinentry, pixman,
+ polarssl, popt, portaudio, pppd, procps-ng, proftpd, protobuf,
+ psmisc, ptpd2, pulseaudio, pulseview, pv, python, python3,
+ python-alsaaudio, python-can, python-cffi, python-cherrypy,
+ python-httplib2, python-jinja2, python-lxml, python-m2crypto,
+ python-mako, python-msgpack, python-psutil, python-pyasn,
+ python-pycparser, python-pydal, python-pyftpdlib,
+ python-pyroute2, python-pyxml, python-pyzmq, python-requests,
+ python-serial, python-setuptools, python-six, python-spidev,
+ python-tornado, python-twisted, python-web2py, python-webpy,
+ python-werkzeug, python-zope-interface, qemu, qhull, qpdf, qt,
+ qt5, qt5base, qt5connectivity, qt5declarative, qt5enginio,
+ qt5graphicaleffects, qt5imageformats, qt5multimedia,
+ qt5quick1, qt5quickcontrols, qt5script, qt5sensors,
+ qt5serialport, qt5svg, qt5webchannel, qt5webkit,
+ qt5webkit-examples, qt5websockets, qt5x11extras,
+ qt5xmlpatterns, qt-webkit-kiosk, racehound, radvd, read-edid,
+ readline, redis, rpcbind, rpi-firmware, rpi-userland, rrdtool,
+ rsync, rsyslog, rtai, rtorrent, rt-tests, rubix, ruby, samba4,
+ sconeserver, setools, shairport-sync, sigrok-cli, skeleton,
+ smack, snowball-init, socat, sp-oops-extract, sqlite,
+ squashfs, squeezelite, squid, sredird, sshfs,
+ start-stop-daemon, strace, strongswan, stunnel, subversion,
+ sunxi-tools, swig, sysdig, syslog-ng, sysstat, systemd,
+ sysvinit, taglib, tcl, tcpreplay, thrift, ti-gfx, tinyalsa,
+ tor, torsmo, trace-cmd, transmission, tremor, triggerhappy,
+ trinity, tvheadend, tzdata, uboot-tools, uclibc, udisks,
+ udpcast, unionfs, upmpdcli, usb_modeswitch,
+ usb_modeswitch_data, ustr, util-linux, vala, valgrind,
+ vboot-utils, vde2, vlc, vnstat, webkit, webkitgtk24, weston,
+ wget, whetstone, whois, wine, wipe, wireless-regdb, wireshark,
+ wpa_supplicant, w_scan, x11r7, xapp_xbacklight, xapp_xcompmgr,
+ xapp_xinput, xapp_xkbcomp, xdriver_xf86-input-evdev,
+ xdriver_xf86-input-libinput, xdriver_xf86-input-synaptics,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-ati, xdriver_xf86-video-fbturbo,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-imx-viv, xdriver_xf86-video-intel,
+ xfont_encodings, xfont_font-adobe-100dpi,
+ xfont_font-adobe-75dpi, xfont_font-adobe-utopia-100dpi,
+ xfont_font-adobe-utopia-75dpi, xfont_font-adobe-utopia-type1,
+ xfont_font-alias, xfont_font-arabic-misc,
+ xfont_font-bh-100dpi, xfont_font-bh-75dpi,
+ xfont_font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi,
+ xfont_font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi, xfont_font-bh-ttf,
+ xfont_font-bh-type1, xfont_font-bitstream-100dpi,
+ xfont_font-bitstream-75dpi, xfont_font-bitstream-type1,
+ xfont_font-cronyx-cyrillic, xfont_font-cursor-misc,
+ xfont_font-daewoo-misc, xfont_font-dec-misc,
+ xfont_font-ibm-type1, xfont_font-isas-misc,
+ xfont_font-jis-misc, xfont_font-micro-misc,
+ xfont_font-misc-cyrillic, xfont_font-misc-ethiopic,
+ xfont_font-misc-meltho, xfont_font-misc-misc,
+ xfont_font-mutt-misc, xfont_font-schumacher-misc,
+ xfont_font-screen-cyrillic, xfont_font-sony-misc,
+ xfont_font-sun-misc, xfont_font-winitzki-cyrillic,
+ xfont_font-xfree86-type1, xfsprogs, xkeyboard-config, xl2tp,
+ xlib_libfontenc, xlib_libXi, xmlstarlet, xscreensaver,
+ xserver_xorg-server, xtables-addons, xvkbd, xz, yad, yasm,
+ ympd, zeromq, zic, znc, zsh,
+ New packages: acsccid, assimp, atkmm, autofs, bcm2835,
+ cairomm, cantarell, chocolate-doom, comix-cursors, cxxtest,
+ edid-decode, emlog, gcr, gtkmm3, hidapi, jquery-sidebar,
+ kernel-module-imx-gpu-viv, libasplib, libcroco, libdvbpsi,
+ libfreeglut, libgdiplus, libglfw, libhdhomerun, libnet,
+ libsoil, lldpd, luvi, mbedtls, minizip, miraclecast, mongodb,
+ mraa, netbsd-queue, netsniff-ng, nss-pam-ldapd,
+ obsidian-cursors, openal, openbox, pangomm,
+ python-backports-abc, python-beautifulsoup4, python-cbor,
+ python-click, python-cssselect, python-ecdsa, python-html5lib,
+ python-idna, python-ipaddress, python-mistune, python-netaddr,
+ python-paho-mqtt, python-paramiko, python-pyparted,
+ python-pysmb, python-pyudev, python-singledispatch,
+ python-smbus-cffi, python-urllib3, qt53d, rabbitmq-c, rfkill,
+ sbc, spi-tools, tpm-tools, trousers, ubus, unrar, unscd,
+ unzip, v4l2grab, xdriver_xf86-video-nouveau, xdotool, zbar
+ Removed packages: libungif, python-pyxml,
+ Issues resolved (http://bugs.uclibc.org):
+ #7886: gettext: link failure with locally-installed libxml2
+ #7892: systemd-journald is broken
+ #8066: nodejs crashes when built with gcc 4.9
+ #8296: nodejs 0.12.7 - npm crashes (seg core dump)
+ #8501: gunzip fails to uncompress files
+ #8541: fail to build host-fakeroot-1.20.2
+ #8546: build instructions for raspberry pi don't work
+ #8571: strace for ARC compile error
+ #8581: pciutils.mk PCIUTILS_MAKE_OPTS typo
+ #8616: Fail to build for raspberrypi_defconfig with big endian
+ #8621: sqlite package, properly enable readline
2015.11, Released November 30th, 2015
Minor fixes.