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sqlite: bump version
Closed #333. * Refactor the internal representation of SQL expressions so that they use less memory on embedded platforms. * Reduce the amount of stack space used * Fix an 64-bit alignment bug on HP/UX and Sparc * The sqlite3_create_function() family of interfaces now return SQLITE_MISUSE instead of SQLITE_ERROR when passed invalid parameter combinations. * When new tables are created using CREATE TABLE ... AS SELECT ... the datatype of the columns is the simplified SQLite datatype (TEXT, INT, REAL, NUMERIC, or BLOB) instead of a copy of the original datatype from the source table. * Resolve race conditions when checking for a hot rollback journal. * The sqlite3_shutdown() interface frees all mutexes under windows. * Enhanced robustness against corrupt database files * Continuing improvements to the test suite and fixes to obscure bugs and inconsistencies that the test suite improvements are uncovering. Signed-off-by: Gustavo Zacarias <gustavo@zacarias.com.ar> Signed-off-by: Peter Korsgaard <jacmet@sunsite.dk>
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Issues resolved (http://bugs.uclibc.org):
#241: device mapper + lvm2: build together
+ #333: Bump sqlite package to 3.6.15
#349: update libsoup to version 2.26.2
#367: linux kernel compile error for arm926t
#373: Support for building gstreamer without libxml