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Fixes all over the tree and new features.
+ Toolchains: Use -mcpu / -march instead of -mtune. Support
+ additional ARC and sparc variants. Updated Code sourcery
+ and Linaro external toolchains.
+ Defconfigs: Freescale iMX6DL SabreSD, Minnowboard MAX, QEMU
+ powerpc64 pseries added and a number of updates to the
+ existing configurations.
+ Infrastructure: Buildroot is now less noisy when built with
+ the silent option (make -s).
+ A number of package infrastructure variables have been renamed
+ from *_OPT to *_OPTS for constency. Buildroot will complain if
+ the old names are used to assist in updating out of tree
+ packages.
+ Fixes for host systems where bash isn't located in /bin, and
+ older systems not supporting mktemp --tmpdir.
+ Various cleanups of users/groups in the default skeleton.
+ There is now an option to choose what shell /bin/sh points to.
+ Documentation: Various updates to the user manual. The
+ asciidoc documentation handling has now been extended so it
+ can be used by (BR2_EXTERNAL) packages.
Updated/fixed packages: acl, acpid, agentpp, aircrack-ng,
alsa-lib, alsamixergui, alsa-utils, apitrace, apr, apr-util,
argus, arptables, at, atftp, atk, attr, audiofile, aumix,