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CHANGES: update with recent changes
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2011.05, Not released yet:
+ Fixes all over the tree and new features.
+ External toolchain improvements: We now build a binary
+ toolchain wrapper and install it into HOST_DIR/usr/bin, which
+ enforces the correct compiler arguments, making an external
+ toolchain as easy to use outside of Buildroot as the internal
+ ones are. This also brought a cleanup of CFLAGS, making the
+ Buildroot build output easier to read.
+ Rootfs device handling improvements: Choice between static
+ /dev, devtmpfs and devtmpfs with either mdev or udev.
+ Toolchain: More preconfigured codesourcery external
+ toolchains, improved Crosstool-NG support, fix for GCC
+ snapshot versions, GCC 4.4.6 / 4.5.3, experimental GCC 4.6.0
+ support, target-GCC fixes, uClibc fixes, 0.9.32-rc3 support.
+ Bootloaders: U-boot 2011.03, Barebox 2011.05.0
+ Linux: support for custom kernel image targets, E.G. for
+ powerpc builds with embedded device trees.
+ Misc fixes for qemu defconfigs, ensuring correct serial
+ terminal setup out of the box.
+ Misc gentarget / autotools handling fixes.
Updated/fixed packages: alsa-lib, alsa-utils, alsamixergui,
- avahi, busybox, copas, dnsmasq, dropbear, ethtool, fakeroot,
- ffmpeg, file, gnuconfig, gst-ffmpeg, gst-plugins-good, icu,
- imagemagick, iproute2, less, libdnet, libpng, libxml2,
- libxslt, lighttpd, makedevs, midori, mpg123, mpd, mtd-utils,
- ncurses, netsnmp, openssl, pkg-config, popt, procps, qt,
- quagga, readline, rsync, samba, squid, socat, squashfs, tslib,
- webkit, xerces, xlib_xtrans, xorg-server, xterm, xz
- New packages: bonnie++, can-utils, htop, libv4l
+ atk, avahi, bind, bison, busybox, copas, dbus-glib, dhcp,
+ dhcpdump, dnsmasq, dropbear, ethtool, fakeroot, ffmpeg, file,
+ gamin, gnuconfig, gst-ffmpeg, gst-plugins-good, gtk2-engines,
+ haserl, hostapd, icu, imagemagick, iproute2, iw, kismet, less,
+ libcap, libdnet, libglade, libglib2, libgtk2, libnl, libpng,
+ libxml2, libxml2, libxslt, lighttpd, lockfile-progs, makedevs,
+ midori, mpg123, mpc, mpd, mpfr, mtd-utils, ncurses, netsnmp,
+ openssh, openssl, openvpn, pango, pkg-config, popt, procps,
+ proftpd, qt, quagga, readline, rsync, samba, sdl, socat,
+ squashfs, squid, sudo, tslib, udev, usbutils, webkit,
+ wpa_supplicant, xerces, xfont_font-misc-misc, xlib_libX11,
+ xlib_libXfont, xlib_xtrans, xorg-server, xterm, xz
+ New packages: bonnie++, can-utils, gdisk, htop,
+ input-event-daemon, libexif, libraw, libv4l, ngircd
+ Removed packages: festival
Issues resolved (http://bugs.uclibc.org):