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Update for 2015.11-rc22015.11-rc2
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+2015.11-rc2, Released November 19th, 2015
+ Fixes all over the tree.
+ LD_LIBRARY_PATH is no longer used to ensure host binaries find
+ their libraries, fixing issues on recent Fedora.
+ Toolchain fixes for powerpc e5500 / e6500. Fix for an issue
+ with ${TARGET}-cc after the move to use a toolchain wrapper
+ for the internal toolchain.
+ Appy-patches.sh now correctly applies all files listed in
+ series files.
+ Fixes for merged /usr handling when a custom skeleton is used.
+ Updated/fixed packages: axfsutils, boost, busybox, dhcp,
+ directfb, dropbear, ebtables, fastd, ffmpeg, gauche, gcc,
+ gettext, gst1-plugins-bad, hostapd, ibrdtnd, libcurl,
+ libecore, libgudev, libnss, libpng, libserial, libssh2,
+ libuecc, libxml2, linux-headers, liquid-dsp, ltris,
+ lua-periphery, minidlna, mongrel2, mpd, mpg123, mplayer,
+ mysql, opencv, opencv3, package, perl-file-util, php-ssh2,
+ polarssl, pulseaudio, python-protobuf, qemu, qt5base, ranger,
+ ruby, skeleton, slang, squeezelite, strongswan, tovid, uclibc,
+ ushare, wine, wpa_supplicant, x265,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-siliconmotion, zxing-cpp
+ Issues resolved (http://bugs.uclibc.org):
+ #4790: Running udhcpc on a system with NFS root kills NFS
+ #8456: Building host-pkgconf on Fedora 23 fails due to..
2015.11-rc1, Released November, 7th 2015
Fixes all over the tree and new features.