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CHANGES: update with recent changes
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2014.05, Not yet released:
-Support for MIPS o32 ABI on MIPS-64 targets has been removed. Building
-o32 ELF files for MIPS64 is an exotic configuration that nobody should
-be using. If o32 is required, then is better if it's built for MIPS
-32-bit cores so only 32-bit instructions will be used leading to a more
-efficient o32 usage.
+ Fixes all over the tree and new features.
+ Architectures: Support for MIPS o32 ABI on MIPS-64 targets has
+ been removed. Building o32 ELF files for MIPS64 is an exotic
+ configuration that nobody should be using. If o32 is required,
+ then is better if it's built for MIPS 32-bit cores so only
+ 32-bit instructions will be used leading to a more efficient
+ o32 usage.
+ Support for the ARM A12 variant and Intel corei7.
+ Configs: Minnowboard and Altera SoCkit added, QEMU updates.
+ Bootloaders: Grub2 and gummiboot support, syslinux support
+ extended.
+ Toolchains: GCC 4.9. Glibc 2.19. Support for the musl C
+ library for internal and external toolchains. 4.8-R3 support
+ for ARC, Internal toolchain support for Aarch64 and
+ Microblaze. Environment variable to control debug output of
+ toolchain wrapper renamed to BR2_DEBUG_WRAPPER to match the
+ other variables. Toolchain tupple vendor name can now be
+ customized. Updated external Linaro ARM/Aarch64
+ toolchains. Added external Linaro ARMEB toolchain.
+ A GDB gdbinit file is now generated for external toolchains to
+ automatically set the correct sysroot.
+ Kconfig handling for minimum kernel headers version required
+ for packages. Now packages needing specific kernel header
+ features can specify these requirements in Kconfig.
+ Infrastructure: Support for (but disabled as it leads to
+ unreproducable builds) toplevel parallel builds. See the
+ comment at the top of Makefile for details about how to enable
+ it and what the problems are if you want to test it.
+ Python package infrastructure extended to support Python 3.x
+ Perl and virtual package infrastructure support added.
+ PRE_*_HOOKS support for all build steps.
+ Updated/fixed packages: acpid, agentpp, apr, avahi, barebox,
+ bash, beecrypt, bellagio, binutils, boost,
+ boot-wrapper-aarch64, bustle, busybox, ca-certificates, cairo,
+ ccache, ccid, cgilua, chrony, cifs-utils, civetweb, cmake,
+ collectd, connman, coreutils, coxpcall, cppcms, cppzmq, crda,
+ cryptodev, cryptsetup, cups, czmq, dbus, dhcpdump, directfb,
+ dmalloc, dmraid, dnsmasq, dosfstools, dsp-tools, dtc,
+ dvb-apps, ecryptfs-utils, eigen, erlang, ethtool, evemu,
+ evtest, f2fs-tools, fdk-aac, feh, ffmpeg, file, filemq, flac,
+ flot, fmtools, fping, freetype, fswebcam, gcc, gd, gdb,
+ gettext, giblib, git, glibc, glibmm, glib-networking, gmp,
+ gnutls, gpm, gpsd, gpu-viv-bin-mx6q, grep, gst1-libav,
+ gst1-plugins-bad, gst1-plugins-base, gst1-plugins-good,
+ gst1-plugins-ugly, gst-ffmpeg, gst-fsl-plugins, gst-omx,
+ gst-plugins-good, gstreamer1, gvfs, harfbuzz, haveged,
+ hostapd, htop, httping, ifplugd, iftop, igmpproxy,
+ imagemagick, imlib2, imx-lib, infozip, intltool, iproute2,
+ ipsec-tools, ipset, jansson, jpeg, jpeg-turbo, jquery,
+ jquery-keyboard, jquery-ui, jquery-ui-themes, json-glib,
+ json-javascript, kexec, kmod, lame, lbase64, lbreakout2,
+ lcdproc, lftp, libao, libatasmart, libatomic_ops, libcap,
+ libcdio, libcec, libcgicc, libcurl, libdrm, libdvdnav,
+ libdvdread, libegl, libeio, libenca, libesmtp, libevas,
+ libevdev, libfribidi, libfslcodec, libfslparser,
+ libfslvpuwrap, libgail, libgles, libglib2, libgtk2, libhid,
+ libjpeg, libmbim, libmicrohttpd, libmodplug, libnftnl,
+ libnspr, libogg, libopenmax, libopenvg, libpcap, libplayer,
+ libpng, libpthread-stubs, librsvg, libsigsegv, libsocketcan,
+ libsoup, libtasn1, libtool, libtpl, libunwind, liburcu,
+ libusb, libwebsockets, libxcb, libxml2, libxmlpp, libyaml,
+ lighttpd, linphone, linux-firmware, linux-headers, ljsyscall,
+ lmbench, lsof, ltp-testsuite, ltris, lttng-babeltrace,
+ lttng-libust, lttng-modules, lttng-tools, lua, lua-cjson,
+ luacrypto, lua-ev, luaexpat, luaexpatutils, luafilesystem,
+ luainterpreter, luajit, lua-msgpack-native, luaposix,
+ luarocks, luasec, luasocket, luasql-sqlite3, lvm2, macchanger,
+ memstat, mesa3d, metacity, minidlna, mmc-utils,
+ mobile-broadband-provider-info, modem-manager, mongrel2,
+ monit, mpd, mplayer, msmtp, mtd, mtools, mutt, mysql, nasm,
+ ncurses, ne10, netatalk, netsnmp, nettle, network-manager,
+ newt, nfs-utils, nmap, nodejs, ntfs-3g, ntp, nut, ofono, ola,
+ olsr, omniorb, opencv, opengl, openpgm, openssh, openssl,
+ openswan, openvpn, orbit, orc, p11-kit, pango, parted,
+ pciutils, pcre, pcsc-lite, perf, perl, perl-xml-parser, php,
+ picocom, pixman, pkgconf, poppler, popt, portmap, powervr,
+ pppd, pptp-linux, proftpd, protobuf, protobuf-c, ptpd2,
+ pulseaudio, python, python3, python-bottle, python-m2crypto,
+ python-netifaces, python-pyasn, python-pycrypto,
+ python-pygame, python-pysnmp, python-pysnmp-apps,
+ python-pysnmp-mibs, python-serial, python-setuptools,
+ qextserialport, qt, qt5, qt5base, qt5connectivity,
+ qt5declarative, qt5graphicaleffects, qt5imageformats,
+ qt5multimedia, qt5quick1, qt5quickcontrols, qt5script,
+ qt5sensors, qt5serialport, qt5svg, qt5webkit, qt5x11extras,
+ qt5xmlpatterns, qtuio, qwt, radvd, readline, rings,
+ rpi-firmware, rpi-userland, rsh-redone, rsync, rsyslog, rtai,
+ rtmpdump, rt-tests, ruby, samba, sconeserver, scons, sdl,
+ sdl_image, sdl_mixer, sg3_utils, slang, smstools3, snmppp,
+ socat, speex, sqlcipher, sqlite, squashfs, squid, strongswan,
+ stunnel, sunxi-boards, sunxi-mali, sunxi-tools, sylpheed,
+ syslinux, systemd, taglib, tcl, tcllib, tcpreplay,
+ tidsp-binaries, ti-gfx, tmux, tvheadend, tzdata, uboot,
+ uboot-tools, uclibc, udev, udisks, ulogd, usb_modeswitch,
+ usb_modeswitch_data, usbmount, util-linux, valgrind, vlc,
+ webkit, weston, wget, wireshark, wpa_supplicant, wsapi,
+ w_scan, xapp_appres, xapp_bdftopcf, xapp_beforelight,
+ xapp_bitmap, xapp_editres, xapp_fslsfonts, xapp_fstobdf,
+ xapp_iceauth, xapp_ico, xapp_mkfontscale, xapp_rgb,
+ xapp_rstart, xapp_sessreg, xapp_showfont, xapp_twm,
+ xapp_viewres, xapp_xauth, xapp_xbacklight, xapp_xcalc,
+ xapp_xclock, xapp_xditview, xapp_xdpyinfo, xapp_xdriinfo,
+ xapp_xev, xapp_xfd, xapp_xfontsel, xapp_xfs, xapp_xfsinfo,
+ xapp_xgc, xapp_xhost, xapp_xinit, xapp_xkbutils, xapp_xkill,
+ xapp_xload, xapp_xlsclients, xapp_xlsfonts, xapp_xmag,
+ xapp_xman, xapp_xmessage, xapp_xmodmap, xapp_xprop,
+ xapp_xrandr, xapp_xrdb, xapp_xrefresh, xapp_xset,
+ xapp_xsetroot, xapp_xsm, xapp_xstdcmap, xapp_xvidtune,
+ xapp_xvinfo, xapp_xwd, xapp_xwininfo, xbmc, xbmc-addon-xvdr,
+ xbmc-pvr-addons, xcb-util-wm, xdriver_xf86-input-evdev,
+ xdriver_xf86-input-joystick, xdriver_xf86-input-keyboard,
+ xdriver_xf86-input-mouse, xdriver_xf86-input-synaptics,
+ xdriver_xf86-input-vmmouse, xdriver_xf86-video-ark,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-ast, xdriver_xf86-video-ati,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-cirrus, xdriver_xf86-video-dummy,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-fbdev, xdriver_xf86-video-geode,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-glide, xdriver_xf86-video-glint,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-i128, xdriver_xf86-video-intel,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-mach64, xdriver_xf86-video-mga,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-neomagic, xdriver_xf86-video-newport,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-nv, xdriver_xf86-video-openchrome,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-r128, xdriver_xf86-video-savage,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-siliconmotion, xdriver_xf86-video-sis,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-tdfx, xdriver_xf86-video-tga,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-trident, xdriver_xf86-video-vesa,
+ xdriver_xf86-video-vmware, xdriver_xf86-video-voodoo, xenomai,
+ xerces, xl2tp, xlib_libFS, xlib_xtrans, xproto_xproto,
+ xserver_xorg-server, xutil_util-macros, zeromq, zic, zmqpp,
+ zyre
+ New packages: armadillo, btrfs-progs, clapack, cosmo, dado,
+ dbus-triggerd, dtv-scan-tables, e2tools, eudev, exim, expect,
+ fetchmail, flann, flite, gnu-efi, grub2, gummiboot, heimdal,
+ iprutils, iptraf-ng, jack2, jquery-mobile, libee, libestr,
+ libgc, libgl, liblogging, libndp, libsoxr, libstrophe,
+ libubox, libuci, libxmlrpc, ljlinenoise, lpeg, lpty, lrandom,
+ lsqlite3, lua-coat, lua-coatpersistent, lua-csnappy, luajson,
+ lualogging, lua-messagepack, lua-testmore, lunit, lzip, lzlib,
+ musl, nftables, opentyrian, opentyrian-data,
+ perl-module-build, php-gnupg, php-imagick, php-ssh2, php-yaml,
+ php-zmq, postgresql, python-libconfig, python-pypcap,
+ python-pyrex, qdecoder, qhull, samba4, smack, tz, tzdump, ucl,
+ upx, vo-aacenc, yaffs2utils, zlog, znc
+ Removed packages: crosstool-ng, python-distutilscross, vala
+ Issues resolved (http://bugs.uclibc.org):
+ #6842: Checking external toolchain for eabihf
+ #6956: Packaging libsoxr
+ #6986: Make legal-info fails on uboot versions before 2014.01
+ #6992: Incorrect installation rights on external kernel module..
2014.02, Released February 27th, 2014