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Add back in support for 3.3.4 soft float toolchains, although arm would
require reenabling linking with -lfloat in uClibc.
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@@ -129,16 +129,17 @@ GCC_WITH_TUNE:=
# Soft floating point options.
# Notes:
-# Currently builds with gcc 3.3 for arm, mips, mipsel, powerpc.
+# Builds for gcc 3.4.x.
+# Can build for gcc 3.3.x for mips, mipsel, powerpc, and arm (special)
+# by using custom specs files (currently for 3.3.4 only).
+# NOTE!!! The libfloat stuff is currently removed from uClibc. The
+# arm soft float for 3.3.x will require reenabling it.
# (i386 support will be added back in at some point.)
# Only tested with multilib enabled.
# For i386, long double is the same as double (64 bits). While this
# is unusual for x86, it seemed the best approach considering the
# limitations in the gcc floating point emulation library.
# For arm, soft float uses the usual libfloat routines.
-# Custom specs files are used to set the default gcc mode to soft float
-# as a convenience, since you shouldn't link hard and soft float
-# together. In fact, arm won't even let you.
# (Un)comment the appropriate line below.