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+Build instructions
+As a regular user configure and then build:
+$ make acmesystems_aria_g25_128mb_defconfig (128MB RAM variant)
+ or...
+$ make acmesystems_aria_g25_256mb_defconfig (256MB RAM variant)
+$ make
+Writing to the MicroSD card
+Assuming your Aria G25 baseboard has a MicroSD socket, for example with
+the Terra baseboard, you'll need a blank MicroSD (obviously) initialized
+in a particular way to be able to boot from it.
+Assuming the card is seen as /dev/sdb in your PC/laptop/other device
+you'll need to run the following commands as root or via sudo.
+Make sure all of the card partitions are unmounted before starting.
+First we'll need to create two partitions:
+# sfdisk -uM /dev/sdb <<EOF
+Then we'll need to create the empty filesystems:
+# mkdosfs -n SD_BOOT /dev/sdb1
+# mkfs.ext4 -L SD_ROOT /dev/sdb2
+We'll populate the first partition (boot) with the relevant files:
+# mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt
+# cp output/images/at91bootstrap.bin /mnt/BOOT.BIN
+# cp output/images/zImage /mnt
+# cp output/images/at91-ariag25.dtb /mnt
+# umount /mnt
+And the root filesystem afterwards:
+# mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt
+# tar -C /mnt output/images/rootfs.tar
+# umount /mnt
+You're done, insert the MicroSD card in the slot and enjoy.