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configs/beaglebone: update kernel/uboot, add AM335x EVM support
This patch updates the target config for the beaglebone based on the AM335x CPU. It also supports the beagleboneblack, the TI evm and evmsk. Device tree blobs for am335x-evm, am335x-evmsk, am335x-bone, am335x-boneblack will be built and a sd card image is created with a post-image script. The kernel and driver versions match the ti-processor-sdk Patches allow the use of old AM335x evm revisions (1 bit sd card) and JTAG debugging. Kernel JTAG patch: By default the kernel will disable the JTAG clock, access via the JTAG port will not work after the kernel booted. The AM335x-evm has a JTAG header fitted, this patch keeps the JTAG clock alive. Signed-off-by: Lothar Felten <lothar.felten@gmail.com> [Thomas: remove 1-bit MMC patch, it's causing a significant performance regression for users of BeagleBone, which are 99.99% of the users of this defconfig.] Signed-off-by: Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni@free-electrons.com>
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+CircuitCo BeagleBone
+Texas Instuments AM335x Evaluation Module (TMDXEVM3358)
-To be able to use BeagleBone board with the images generated by
-Buildroot, you have to prepare the SDCard.
+This configuration will build a complete image for the beaglebone and
+the TI AM335x-EVM, the board type is identified by the on-board
+EEPROM. The configuration is based on the
+ti-processor-sdk- Device tree blobs for beaglebone
+variants and the evm-sk are built too.
How to build it
- $ make beaglebone_defconfig
-Then you can edit the build options using
- $ make menuconfig
+Select the default configuration for the target:
+$ make beaglebone_defconfig
-Compile all and build rootfs image:
+Optional: modify the configuration:
+$ make menuconfig
- $ make
+$ make
Result of the build
-After building, you should get a tree like this:
- output/images/
- ├── am335x-boneblack.dtb
- ├── am335x-bone.dtb
- ├── MLO
- ├── rootfs.ext2
- ├── sdcard.img
- ├── u-boot.img
- ├── uEnv.txt
- └── zImage
-How to write the microSD card
-Once the build process is finished you will have an image called "sdcard.img"
-in the output/images/ directory.
-Copy the bootable "sdcard.img" onto an SD card with "dd":
+├── am335x-boneblack.dtb
+├── am335x-bone.dtb
+├── am335x-evm.dtb
+├── am335x-evmsk.dtb
+├── boot.vfat
+├── MLO
+├── rootfs.ext2
+├── rootfs.tar
+├── sdcard.img
+├── u-boot.img
+├── uEnv.txt
+└── zImage
+To copy the image file to the sdcard use dd:
+$ dd if=output/images/sdcard.img of=/dev/XXX
+Tested hardware
+am335x-evm (rev. 1.1A)
+beagleboneblack (rev. A5A)
+beaglebone (rev. A6)
- $ sudo dd if=output/images/sdcard.img of=/dev/sdX
+2016, Lothar Felten <lothar.felten@gmail.com>