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+This is the Buildroot support for Zynq boards. Zynq boards are available from
+Xilinx and some third party vendors, but the build procedure is very similar.
+Currently, three boards are natively supported by Buildroot:
+ - Xilinx ZC706 board (zynq_zc706_defconfig)
+ - Avnet ZedBoard (zynq_zed_defconfig)
+ - Avnet MicroZed (zynq_microzed_defconfig)
+The following build procedure focuses on them, but you can adjust it to your
+board even if it is not listed above. Major Zynq-based boards are supported by
+U-Boot, and their Device Trees are merged in Linux Kernel. If your board is the
+case, booting the kernel is a piece of cake. All you need to do is to change:
+ - Kernel Device Tree file name (BR2_LINUX_KERNEL_INTREE_DTS_NAME)
+ - U-Boot board defconfig (BR2_TARGET_UBOOT_BOARDNAME)
+Steps to create a working system for a Zynq board:
+1) Configuration (do one of the followings)
+ make zynq_zc706_defconfig (ZC706)
+ make zynq_zed_defconfig (Zedboard)
+ make zynq_microzed_defconfig (MicroZed)
+2) make
+3) All needed files will be available in the output/images directory.
+ Create a FAT32 partition at the beginning of your SD Card and copy files:
+ - boot.bin
+ - u-boot.img
+ - uImage
+ - uramdisk.image.gz (should be renamed from rootfs.cpio.uboot)
+ - devicetree.dtb (should be renamed from zynq-***.dtb)
+ into your SD card
+4) boot your board
+You can alter the booting procedure by creating a file uEnv.txt
+in the root of the SD card. It is a plain text file in format
+<key>=<value> one per line:
+The DTB for MicroZed is the same as the one for the Zedboard (zynq-zed.dtb),
+and this is the recommended solution, see
+ - ZC706 information including schematics, reference designs, and manuals are
+ available from
+ http://www.xilinx.com/products/boards-and-kits/ek-z7-zc706-g.html.
+ - Zedboard/Microzed information including schematics, reference designs, and
+ manuals are available from http://www.zedboard.org .