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Add Gnublin board support with fixed kernel header version
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+This the Buildroot support for the LPC3131 based Gnublin board (see here:
+http://en.gnublin.org/) and to the Elektor Linux board
+Unfortunately currently the AD and the pwm modules are not supported, i'm about
+to add also those drivers as well to the current kernel later.
+Base kernel version: 3.7 (available here:
+U-boot version: 2009.11 (available here:
+Steps to create a bootable SD card (with the given config you need an at least
+500 MB SD card):
+1.Config buildroot with the gnublin_defconfig:
+$ make gnublin_defconfig
+2.Tweak the config for your needs:
+$ make menuconfig
+$ make
+4.Create two partitions on your SD card, one with type of BootIt (fdisk ID: df),
+the size should be around 1M, and another partition with all of the left space
+on the card, and with the type of normal DOS partition.
+5.From the output/images directory dump the u-boot image to the BootIt partition
+(probably you have to modify the output /dev files according to your system):
+$ dd if=output/images/u-boot.bin of=/dev/sdc1
+6.Dump the root fs image as well:
+$ dd if=output/images/rootfs.ext2 of=/dev/sdc2
+7.Insert the SD card into the board's slot, and your board should boot up with
+your newly created system.
+Any feedback/report is welcome on the mr.zoltan.gyarmati[at]gmail.com