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<li><a href="#links">Resources</a></li>
+ <p><b>WARNING:</b> Since the 2011.11 release, this page is on its way to be
+ deprecated. Information may be incomplete and out-dated.</p>
+ <p>To get an up-to-date documentation for
+ <a href="http://buildroot.net/">Buildroot</a>-2011.11 or a git view, just
+ run:</p>
+ $ make manual
+ <p><i>This requires <code>asciidoc</code> installed on the host system.</i></p>
+ <p>For releases since <a href="http://buildroot.net/">Buildroot</a>-2012.02,
+ manuals (html, pdf and text) are available in the <code>docs/manual</code>
+ directory.</p>
<h2 id="about">About Buildroot</h2>
<p>Buildroot is a set of Makefiles and patches that allows you to easily