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If you want to be able to commit things to Subversion, first contribute some
stuff to show you are serious. Then, very nicely ask <a
-href="mailto:andersen@codepoet.org">Erik Andersen</a> if he will set you up
-with an commit access to the Subversion repository. To access Subversion, you
+href="mailto:buildroot@uclibc.org">The Buildroot Developers</a> to set you up
+with commit access to the Subversion repository. To access Subversion, you
will want to add the following to set up your environment:
@@ -32,12 +32,6 @@ The content of 'id_dsa' should of course be kept secret.
-Note that if you would prefer to keep your communications with me
-private, you can encrypt your email using my
-<a href="http://www.codepoet.org/andersen/erik/gpg.asc">public key</a>.
Once you are setup with an account, you will need to use your account to
checkout a copy of buildroot from Subversion: