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<li><a href="#external_toolchain">Use an external toolchain</a></li>
<li><a href="#downloaded_packages">Location of downloaded packages</a>
+ <li><a href="#adapting_rootfs">Adapting the rootfs for own binaries</a></li>
<li><a href="#add_software">Extending Buildroot with more
<li><a href="#links">Resources</a></li>
@@ -877,6 +878,22 @@ It allows to generate toolchains based on <i>uClibc</i>, <i>glibc</i>
and <i>eglibc</i> for a wide range of architectures, and has good
community support.</p>
+ <h2><a name="adapting_rootfs" id="adapting_rootfs">Adapting the rootfs
+ for own binaries</h2>
+ <p>When using BR2 in an environment where own software binaries or
+ static data should be part of the generated rootfs package, the
+ <code>BR2_ROOTFS_POST_BUILD_SCRIPT</code> feature might interest
+ you. You can specify a command here which is called <i>after</i> BR2
+ built all the selected software, but <i>before</i> the the rootfs
+ packages are assembled. The destination rootfs folder is given as
+ first argument. You can add own components here, change
+ default configurations and remove unwanted files.</p>
+ <p>You should, however, use that feature with care. Whenever you
+ find that a certain package generates wrong or unneeded files, you
+ should rather fix than package than working around it with a
+ cleanup script.</p>
<h2><a name="add_software" id="add_software"></a>Extending Buildroot with
more software</h2>