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BR2_GRAPH_OUT=png make graph-build
+=== Graphing the filesystem size contribution of packages
+When your target system grows, it is sometimes useful to understand
+how much each Buildroot package is contributing to the overall root
+filesystem size. To help with such an analysis, Buildroot collects
+data about files installed by each package and using this data,
+generates a graph and CSVs files detailing the size contribution of
+the different packages.
+To generate these data after a build, run:
+make graph-size
+This will generate:
+* +output/graphs/graph-size.pdf+, a pie chart of the contribution of
+ each package to the overall root filesystem size
+* +output/graphs/package-size-stats.csv+, a CSV file giving the size
+ contribution of each package to the overall root filesystem size
+* +output/graphs/file-size-stats.csv+, a CSV file giving the size
+ contribution of each installed file to the package it belongs, and
+ to the overall filesystem size.
+This +size-stats+ target requires the Python Matplotlib library to be
+installed (+python-matplotlib+ on most distributions), and also the
++argpase+ module if you're using a Python version older than 2.7
+(+python-argparse+ on most distributions).
+Just like for the duration graph, a +BR2_GRAPH_OUT+ environment is
+supported to adjust the output file format. See xref:graph-depends[]
+for details about this environment variable.
+The collected filesystem size data is only meaningful after a complete
+clean rebuild. Be sure to run +make clean all+ before using +make