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@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ In addition, you may also use these environment variables:
- +BASE_DIR+: the base output directory
-Below two more methods of customizing the target filesystem are
+Below three more methods of customizing the target filesystem are
described, but they are not recommended.
Direct modification of the target filesystem::
@@ -104,4 +104,35 @@ This method is not recommended because it duplicates the entire
skeleton, which prevents taking advantage of the fixes or improvements
brought to the default skeleton in later Buildroot releases.
+Post-fakeroot scripts (+BR2_ROOTFS_POST_FAKEROOT_SCRIPT+)::
+When aggregating the final images, some parts of the process requires
+ root rights: creating device nodes in `/dev`, setting permissions or
+ ownership to files and directories... To avoid requiring actual root
+ rights, Buildroot uses +fakeroot+ to simulate root rights. This is not
+ a complete substitute for actually being root, but is enough for what
+ Buildroot needs.
+Post-fakeroot scripts are shell scripts that are called at the 'end' of
+ the fakeroot phase, 'right before' the filesystem image generator is
+ called. As such, they are called in the fakeroot context.
+Post-fakeroot scripts can be useful in case you need to tweak the
+ filesystem to do modifications that are usually only available to the
+ root user.
+It is recommended to use the existing mechanisms to set file permissions
+ or create entries in `/dev` (see xref:customize-device-permission[]) or
+ to create users (see xref:customize-users[])
+The difference between post-build scripts (above) and fakeroot scripts,
+ is that post-build scripts are not called in the fakeroot context.
+Using `fakeroot` is not an absolute substitute for actually being root.
+ `fakeroot` only ever fakes the file access rights and types (regular,
+ block-or-char device...) and uid/gid; these are emulated in-memory.