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@@ -33,27 +33,27 @@ to the Buildroot output directory.
Some examples:
- buildroot/ $ make BR2_EXTERNAL=/path/to/foobar menuconfig
+buildroot/ $ make BR2_EXTERNAL=/path/to/foobar menuconfig
From now on, external definitions from the +/path/to/foobar+
directory will be used:
- buildroot/ $ make
- buildroot/ $ make legal-info
+buildroot/ $ make
+buildroot/ $ make legal-info
We can switch to another external definitions directory at any time:
- buildroot/ $ make BR2_EXTERNAL=/where/we/have/barfoo xconfig
+buildroot/ $ make BR2_EXTERNAL=/where/we/have/barfoo xconfig
Or disable the usage of external definitions:
- buildroot/ $ make BR2_EXTERNAL= xconfig
+buildroot/ $ make BR2_EXTERNAL= xconfig
+BR2_EXTERNAL+ allows three different things: