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@@ -11,12 +11,18 @@ Some packages have been grouped by topic in a sub-directory:
one of these categories, then create your package directory in these.
New subdirectories are discouraged, however.
+=== Config files
-=== +Config.in+ file
+For the package to be displayed in the configuration tool, you need to
+create a Config file in your package directory. There are two types:
++Config.in+ and +Config.in.host+.
-Then, create a file named +Config.in+. This file will contain the
-option descriptions related to our +libfoo+ software that will be used
-and displayed in the configuration tool. It should basically contain:
+==== +Config.in+ file
+For packages used on the target, create a file named +Config.in+. This
+file will contain the option descriptions related to our +libfoo+ software
+that will be used and displayed in the configuration tool. It should basically
@@ -49,6 +55,42 @@ supposed to contain anything but the 'bare' name of the package.
source "package/libfoo/Config.in"
+==== +Config.in.host+ file
+Some packages also need to be built for the host system. There are two
+options here:
+* The host package is only required to satisfy build-time
+ dependencies of one or more target packages. In this case, add
+ +host-foo+ to the target package's +BAR_DEPENDENCIES+ variable. No
+ +Config.in.host+ file should be created.
+* The host package should be explicitly selectable by the user from
+ the configuration menu. In this case, create a +Config.in.host+ file
+ for that host package:
+ bool "host foo"
+ help
+ This is a comment that explains what foo for the host is.
+ http://foosoftware.org/foo/
+The same coding style and options as for the +Config.in+ file are valid.
+Finally you have to add your new +libfoo/Config.in.host+ to
++package/Config.in.host+. The files included there are 'sorted alphabetically'
+and are 'NOT' supposed to contain anything but the 'bare' name of the package.
+source "package/foo/Config.in.host"
+The host package will then be available from the +Host utilities+ menu.
==== Choosing +depends on+ or +select+