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Add support for BUILDROOT_DL_DIR environment variable, overriding DL_DIR
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toolchain and the target filesystem with exactly the same
versions. </p>
+ <p>If you maintain several buildroot trees, it might be better to have
+ a shared download location. This can be accessed by creating a symbolic link
+ from the <code>dl</code> directory to the shared download location. </p>
+ <p>I.E:</p>
+ln -s &lt;shared download location&gt; dl
+ <p>Another way of accessing a shared download location is to
+ create the <code>BUILDROOT_DL_DIR</code> environment variable.
+ If this is set, then the value of DL_DIR in the project is
+ overridden. The following line should be added to
+ <code>&quot;~/.bashrc&quot;</code>. <p>
+export BUILDROOT_DL_DIR &lt;shared download location&gt;
<h2><a name="add_software" id="add_software"></a>Extending Buildroot with
more software</h2>