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<p>All of these "make" commands will need to build a configuration
utility, so you may need to install "development" packages for
- relevent libraries used by the configuration utilities.
+ relevant libraries used by the configuration utilities.
On Debian-like systems, the
<code>libncurses5-dev</code> package is required to use the
<i>menuconfig</i> interface, <code>libqt3-mt-dev</code> is
@@ -345,7 +345,7 @@ $ make HOSTCXX=g++-4.3-HEAD HOSTCC=gcc-4.3-HEAD
toolchain and tools, these changes will be lost. </li>
<li>Customize the target filesystem skeleton available under
- <code>target/generic/target_skeleton/</code>. You can customize
+ <code>fs/skeleton/</code>. You can customize
configuration files or other stuff here. However, the full file hierarchy
is not yet present because it's created during the compilation process.
Therefore, you can't do everything on this target filesystem skeleton, but
@@ -486,12 +486,12 @@ $ make HOSTCXX=g++-4.3-HEAD HOSTCC=gcc-4.3-HEAD
and which steps remain to be done, Buildroot maintains stamp
files (empty files that just tell whether this or that action
has been done). The problem is that these stamp files are not
- uniformely named and handled by the different packages, so some
+ uniformly named and handled by the different packages, so some
understanding of the particular package is needed.</p>
<p>For packages relying on Buildroot packages infrastructures (see
<a href="#add_packages">this section</a> for details), the
- following stamp files are relevent:</p>
+ following stamp files are relevant:</p>
@@ -704,7 +704,7 @@ endif
<p>The toolchain generated by Buildroot is located by default in
<code>output/staging/</code>. The simplest way to use it
is to add <code>output/staging/usr/bin/</code> to your PATH
- environnement variable and then to use
+ environment variable and then to use
<code>ARCH-linux-gcc</code>, <code>ARCH-linux-objdump</code>,
<code>ARCH-linux-ld</code>, etc. </p>
@@ -885,7 +885,7 @@ source "package/libfoo/Config.in"
<li>Makefiles for autotools-based (autoconf, automake, etc.)
- softwares. We provide a dedicated infrastructure for such
+ software. We provide a dedicated infrastructure for such
packages, since autotools is a very common build system. This
infrastructure <i>must</i> be used for new packages that rely on
the autotools as their build system.<br/>We cover them through a
gettext library should not be compiled, because it creates various
kind of build failures.</p>
- <p>Additionnaly, some packages (such as libglib2) do require
- gettext unconditionnally, while other packages (those who
+ <p>Additionally, some packages (such as libglib2) do require
+ gettext unconditionally, while other packages (those who
support <code>--disable-nls</code> in general) only require
gettext when locale support is enabled.</p>
- <p>Therefore, packages that unconditionnally need gettext should:</p>
+ <p>Therefore, packages that unconditionally need gettext should:</p>
<li>Use <code>select BR2_PACKAGE_GETTEXT if