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<h2 id="faq">Frequently asked questions</h2>
+ <li><a href="#faq-boot-hangs">The boot hangs
+ after <code>Starting network...</code></a></li>
+ <h3 id="faq-boot-hangs">The boot hangs after <code>Starting
+ network...</code></h3>
+ <p>If the boot process seems to hang after the following messages
+ (messages not necessarly exactly similar, depending on the list of
+ packages selected):</p>
+ <pre>Freeing init memory: 3972K
+Initializing random number generator... done.
+Starting network...
+Starting dropbear sshd: generating rsa key... generating dsa key... OK</pre>
+ <p>then it means that your system is running, but didn't start a
+ shell on the serial console. In order to have the system start a
+ shell on your serial console, you have to go in the Buildroot
+ configuration, <code>Target options</code>, enable <code>Generic
+ serial port config</code>, and select the serial port and speed
+ you would like to use for the shell. This will automatically tune
+ the <code>/etc/inittab</code> file of the generated system so that
+ a shell starts on the correct serial port.</p>
<h2 id="links">Resources</h2>
<p>To learn more about Buildroot you can visit these websites:</p>