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documentation: insist more on why output/target/ should not be used
A lot of people complain that the root filesystem generated by Buildroot doesn't work because it lacks the device files. This is because they use output/target/ instead of one of the images. Therefore, insist in the documentation on this point. Even though I'm unsure if users really read the documentation :-) Signed-off-by: Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni@free-electrons.com>
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binaries and libraries, that make it far too big for an embedded
- <li><code>target/<code> which contains the root filesystem for
- the target. Only the necessary files to run the libraries and
- applications are installed in this directory. However,
- <code>target/dev/</code> doesn't contain the device files, as
- creating device files requires the root access. The device files
- only exist in the root filesystem image produced by
- Buildroot.</li>
+ <li><code>target/</code> which contains <i>almost</i> the root
+ filesystem for the target: everything needed is present except
+ the device files in <code>/dev/</code> (Buildroot can't create
+ them because Buildroot doesn't run as root and does not want to
+ run as root). Therefore, this directory <b>should not be used on
+ your target</b> but instead you should use one of the images
+ built in the <code>images/</code> directory. If you need an
+ extracted image of the root filesystem, for booting over NFS,
+ then use the tarball image generated in <code>images/</code> and
+ extract it as root.<br/>Compared to <code>staging/</code>,
+ <code>target/</code> contains only the necessary files to run
+ the libraries and applications: all the development files
+ (headers, etc.) are not present.</li>
<li><code>host/</code> contains the installation of tools
compiled for the host that are needed for the proper execution