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documentation: Update details about external toolchains
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<li>Select the <code>External binary toolchain</code> toolchain
+ <li>Select the appropriate <code>External toolchain C
+ library</code></li>
+ <li>Select the appropriate values for <code>Enable large
+ file</code>, <code>Enable IPv6</code>, <code>Enable
+ RPC</code>, <code>Enable toolchain
+ locale/i18n</code>, <code>Enable WCHAR</code>, <code>Enable
+ program invocation</code>, <code>Build/install c++ compiler and
+ libstdc++</code>, according to the configuration of your
+ external toolchain. Buildroot will check those values at the
+ beginning of the compilation process and will tell you if you
+ used incorrect values.</li>
<li>Adjust the <code>External toolchain path</code>
appropriately. It should be set to a path where a bin/ directory
contains your cross-compiling tools</li>
@@ -737,13 +748,6 @@ endif
correspond to your cross-compiling tools</li>
- <p>If you are using an external toolchain based on <i>uClibc</i>, the
- <code>Core C library from the external toolchain</code> and
- <code>Libraries to copy from the external toolchain</code> options
- should already have correct values. However, if your external
- toolchain is based on <i>glibc</i>, you'll have to change these values
- according to your cross-compiling toolchain.</p>
<p>To generate external toolchains, we recommend using
<a href="http://ymorin.is-a-geek.org/dokuwiki/projects/crosstool">Crosstool-NG</a>.
It allows generating toolchains based on <i>uClibc</i>, <i>glibc</i>