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- explicitely mention -clean and -dirclean targets so it is easier to search for them
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<p>Lines <a href="#line44">44-46</a> define a simple target to clean the software build
by calling the <i>Makefiles</i> with the appropriate option.
- The <code>clean</code> target should run <code>make clean</code>
+ The <code>-clean</code> target should run <code>make clean</code>
on $(BUILD_DIR)/package-version and MUST uninstall all files of the
package from $(STAGING_DIR) and from $(TARGET_DIR).</p>
<p>Lines <a href="#line48">48-49</a> define a simple target to completely remove the
directory in which the software was uncompressed, configured and
- compiled. This target MUST completely rm $(BUILD_DIR)/package-version.</p>
+ compiled. The <code>-dirclean</code> target MUST completely rm $(BUILD_DIR)/package-version.</p>
<p>Lines <a href="#line51">51-58</a> adds the target <code>foo</code> to the list
of targets to be compiled by Buildroot by first checking if