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Add hooks for creating your own board support package
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The file is stored in the "binaries/<code>$(PROJECT)</code>/" directory</p>
+ <h3><a name="local_board_support" id="local_board_support"></a>
+ Creating your own board support</h3>
+ <p>Once a package has been unpacked, it is possible to manually update
+ configuration files. Buildroot can automatically save the configuration
+ of buildroot, linux, busybox, uclibc and u-boot in "local/$(PROJECT) by
+ using the command:
+ </p>
+ $ make saveconfig
+ <p>Once a buildroot configuration has been created by saveconfig,
+ the default "$(TOPDIR)/.config" file can be overridden by</p>
+ $ make BOARD=&lt;project&gt;
+ <p>Buildroot will then use "local/&lt;project&gt;/&lt;project&gt;.config"
+ instead of ".config". </p>
+ <p>If you want to modify your board, you can copy the project configuration
+ file to ".config" by using the command:</p>
+ $ make BOARD=&lt;project&gt; getconfig
+ <p>You can share your custom board support directory between several buildroot trees
+ by setting the environment variable <code>BUILDROOT_LOCAL</code> to this directory,
+ </p>
+ <h3><a name="offline_builds" id="offline_builds"></a>
+ Offline builds</h3>
<p>If you intend to do an offline-build and just want to download all
sources that you previously selected in &quot;make menuconfig&quot; then