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@@ -202,6 +202,33 @@ $ make UCLIBC_CONFIG_FILE=uClibc.config BUSYBOX_CONFIG_FILE=$HOME/bb.config
$ make HOSTCXX=g++-4.3-HEAD HOSTCC=gcc-4.3-HEAD
+ <h3><a name="helper_completion" id="helper_completion"></a>
+ Using auto-completion</h3>
+ <p>If you are lazy enough that you don't want to type the entire <i>make
+ menuconfig</i> command line, you can enable auto-completion in your shell.
+ Here is how you can do that using <i>bash</i>:</p>
+$ complete -W menuconfig make
+ <p>Then just enter the begining of the line, and ask <i>bash</i> to
+ complete it for you by pressing the <i>TAB</i> key:</p>
+$ make me&lt;TAB&gt;
+ <p>will result in <i>bash</i> to append <i>nuconfig</i> for you!</p>
+ <p>Alternatively, some distributions (of which Debian and Mandriva are but
+ an example) have more powerful make completion. Depending on you
+ distribution, you may have to install a package to enable completion. Under
+ Mandriva, this is <i>bash-completion</i>, while Debian ships it as part of
+ the <i>bash</i> package.</p>
+ <p>Other shells, such as <i>zsh</i>, also have completion facilities. See
+ the documentation for your shell.</p>
<h2><a name="custom_targetfs" id="custom_targetfs"></a>Customizing the
target filesystem</h2>