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support/scripts: add size-stats-compare script
Leverage the CSV files produces by size-stats (make graph-size) to allow for a comparison of rootfs size between two different buildroot compilations. The script takes the file-size CSV files of two compilations as input, and produces a textual report of the differences per package. Using the -d/--detail flag, the report will show the file size changes instead of package size changes. The -t/--threshold option allows to ignore file size differences smaller or equal than the given threshold (in bytes). Example output is: Size difference per package (bytes), threshold = 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -8192 busybox 228572 added dmalloc 301584 added jq -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 521964 TOTAL or with detailed view: Size difference per file (bytes), threshold = 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -8192 bin/busybox 18152 added usr/bin/jq 39252 added usr/bin/dmalloc 46968 added usr/lib/libdmalloc.so 47288 added usr/lib/libdmallocxx.so 47316 added usr/lib/libdmallocth.so 47748 added usr/lib/libdmallocthcxx.so 283432 added usr/lib/libjq.so.1.0.4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 521964 TOTAL Signed-off-by: Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni@free-electrons.com>
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@@ -317,6 +317,16 @@ The collected filesystem size data is only meaningful after a complete
clean rebuild. Be sure to run +make clean all+ before using +make
+To compare the root filesystem size of two different Buildroot compilations,
+for example after adjusting the configuration or when switching to another
+Buildroot release, use the +size-stats-compare+ script. It takes two
++file-size-stats.csv+ files (produced by +make graph-size+) as input.
+Refer to the help text of this script for more details:
+support/scripts/size-stats-compare -h