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docs/buildroot: use DESTDIR / install-strip for target install example
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@@ -1014,7 +1014,7 @@ endif
<a name="ex2line34" id="ex2line34">34</a> $(MAKE) CC=$(TARGET_CC) -C $(FOO_DIR)
<a name="ex2line35" id="ex2line35">35</a>
<a name="ex2line36" id="ex2line36">36</a> $(TARGET_DIR)/$(FOO_TARGET_BINARY): $(FOO_DIR)/$(FOO_BINARY)
- <a name="ex2line37" id="ex2line37">37</a> $(MAKE) prefix=$(TARGET_DIR)/usr -C $(FOO_DIR) install
+ <a name="ex2line37" id="ex2line37">37</a> $(MAKE) DESTDIR=$(TARGET_DIR) -C $(FOO_DIR) install-strip
<a name="ex2line38" id="ex2line38">38</a> rm -Rf $(TARGET_DIR)/usr/man
<a name="ex2line39" id="ex2line39">39</a>
<a name="ex2line40" id="ex2line40">40</a> foo: uclibc ncurses $(TARGET_DIR)/$(FOO_TARGET_BINARY)
@@ -1111,8 +1111,8 @@ endif
<p>Lines <a href="#ex2line36">36-38</a> defines a target and associated rules
that install the software inside the target filesystem. It depends on the
binary file in the source directory, to make sure the software has
- been compiled. It uses the <code>install</code> target of the
- software <code>Makefile</code> by passing a <code>prefix</code>
+ been compiled. It uses the <code>install-strip</code> target of the
+ software <code>Makefile</code> by passing a <code>DESTDIR</code>
argument, so that the <code>Makefile</code> doesn't try to install
the software inside host <code>/usr</code> but inside target
<code>/usr</code>. After the installation, the