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docs/manual: expand on why using a branch name is not supported
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@@ -200,11 +200,24 @@ information is (assuming the package name is +libfoo+) :
package. Note that if +HOST_LIBFOO_VERSION+ doesn't exist, it is
assumed to be the same as +LIBFOO_VERSION+. It can also be a
revision number or a tag for packages that are fetched directly
- from their version control system. Do not use a branch name as
- version; it does not work. Examples:
+ from their version control system. Examples:
** a version for a release tarball: +LIBFOO_VERSION = 0.1.2+
** a sha1 for a git tree: +LIBFOO_VERSION = cb9d6aa9429e838f0e54faa3d455bcbab5eef057+
** a tag for a git tree +LIBFOO_VERSION = v0.1.2+
+Using a branch name as +FOO_VERSION+ is not supported, because it does
+not and can not work as people would expect it should:
+ 1. due to local caching, Buildroot will not re-fetch the repository,
+ so people who expect to be able to follow the remote repository
+ would be quite surprised and disappointed;
+ 2. because two builds can never be perfectly simultaneous, and because
+ the remote repository may get new commits on the branch anytime,
+ two users, using the same Buildroot tree and building the same
+ configuration, may get different source, thus rendering the build
+ non reproducible, and people would be quite surprised and
+ disappointed.
* +LIBFOO_SOURCE+ may contain the name of the tarball of the package,
which Buildroot will use to download the tarball from