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to the Busybox configuration file</li>
<li><code>LINUX26_KCONFIG=&lt;path/to/.config&gt;</code>, path
to the Linux kernel configuration file</li>
- <li><code>BUILDROOT_COPYTO</code>, an additional location to which
- the binary images of the root filesystem, kernel, etc. built by
- Buildroot are copied</li>
<li><code>BUILDROOT_DL_DIR</code> to override the directory in
which Buildroot stores/retrieves downloaded files</li>
@@ -321,15 +318,6 @@ $ make UCLIBC_CONFIG_FILE=uClibc.config BUSYBOX_CONFIG_FILE=$HOME/bb.config
$ make HOSTCXX=g++-4.3-HEAD HOSTCC=gcc-4.3-HEAD
- <p>If you want the result of your build to be copied to another directory
- like /tftpboot for downloading to a board using tftp, then you
- can use BUILDROOT_COPYTO to specify your location</p>
- <p>Typically, this is set in your ~/.bashrc file
-$ export BUILDROOT_COPYTO=/tftpboot
<h2><a name="custom_targetfs" id="custom_targetfs"></a>Customizing the
generated target filesystem</h2>