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doc: mention the CMAKETARGETS infrastructure in the list of infrastructures
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@@ -101,8 +101,8 @@ installed, etc.
Depending on the package type, the +.mk+ file must be written in a
different way, using different infrastructures:
-* *Makefiles for generic packages* (not using autotools): These are
- based on an infrastructure similar to the one used for
+* *Makefiles for generic packages* (not using autotools or CMake):
+ These are based on an infrastructure similar to the one used for
autotools-based packages, but requires a little more work from the
developer. They specify what should be done for the configuration,
compilation, installation and cleanup of the package. This
@@ -119,6 +119,13 @@ different way, using different infrastructures:
system. We cover them through a xref:autotargets-tutorial[tutorial]
and xref:autotargets-reference[reference].
+* *Makefiles for cmake-based software*: We provide a dedicated
+ infrastructure for such packages, as CMake is a more and more
+ commonly used build system and has a standardized behaviour. This
+ infrastructure 'must' be used for new packages that rely on
+ CMake. We cover them through a xref:cmaketargets-tutorial[tutorial]
+ and xref:cmaketargets-reference[reference].
* *Hand-written Makefiles:* These are currently obsolete, and no new
manual Makefiles should be added. However, since there are still
many of them in the tree, we keep them documented in a