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same buildroot source tree</a></li>
<li><a href="#using_toolchain">Using the uClibc toolchain
outside Buildroot</a></li>
+ <li><a href="#external_toolchain">Use an external toolchain</a></li>
<li><a href="#downloaded_packages">Location of downloaded packages</a>
<li><a href="#add_software">Extending Buildroot with more
@@ -840,7 +841,43 @@ ln -s &lt;shared download location&gt; dl
export BUILDROOT_DL_DIR &lt;shared download location&gt;
+ <h2><a name="external_toolchain" id="external_toolchain"></a>Using
+ an external toolchain</h2>
+<p>It might be useful not to use the toolchain generated by
+Buildroot, for example if you already have a toolchain that is known
+to work for your specific CPU, or if the toolchain generation feature
+of Buildroot is not sufficiently flexible for you (for example if you
+need to generate a system with <i>glibc</i> instead of
+<i>uClibc</i>). Buildroot supports using an <i>external
+<p>To enable the use of an external toolchain, go in the
+<code>Toolchain</code> menu, and&nbsp;:</p>
+ <li>Select the <code>External binary toolchain</code> toolchain
+ type</li>
+ <li>Adjust the <code>External toolchain path</code>
+ appropriately. It should be set to a path where a bin/ directory
+ contains your cross-compiling tools</li>
+ <li>Adjust the <code>External toolchain prefix</code>, so that the
+ prefix, suffixed with <code>-gcc</code> or <code>-ld</code> will
+ correspond to your cross-compiling tools</li>
+<p>If you are using an external toolchain based on <i>uClibc</i>, the
+<code>Core C library from the external toolchain</code> and
+<code>Libraries to copy from the external toolchain</code> options
+should already have correct values. However, if your external
+toolchain is based on <i>glibc</i>, you'll have to change these values
+according to your cross-compiling toolchain.</p>
+<p>To generate external toolchains, we recommend using <a
+It allows to generate toolchains based on <i>uClibc</i>, <i>glibc</i>
+and <i>eglibc</i> for a wide range of architectures, and has good
+community support.</p>
<h2><a name="add_software" id="add_software"></a>Extending Buildroot with
more software</h2>