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doc: more details about expressing dependencies in Config.in
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+The +Config.in+ file of your package must also ensure that
+dependencies are enabled. Typically, Buildroot uses the following
+* Use a +select+ type of dependency for dependencies on
+ libraries. These dependencies are generally not obvious and it
+ therefore make sense to have the kconfig system ensure that the
+ dependencies are selected. For example, the _libgtk2_ package uses
+ +select BR2_PACKAGE_LIBGLIB2+ to make sure this library is also
+ enabled.
+* Use a +depends on+ type of dependency when the user really needs to
+ be aware of the dependency. Typically, Buildroot uses this type of
+ dependency for dependencies on toolchain options (large file
+ support, RPC support, IPV6 support), or for dependencies on "big"
+ things, such as the X.org system. In some cases, especially
+ dependency on toolchain options, it is recommended to add a
+ +comment+ displayed when the option is not enabled, so that the user
+ knows why the package is not available.
+An example illustrates both the usage of +select+ and +depends on+.
+ bool "acl"
+ depends on BR2_LARGEFILE
+ help
+ POSIX Access Control Lists, which are used to define more
+ fine-grained discretionary access rights for files and
+ directories.
+ This package also provides libacl.
+ http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/acl
+comment "acl requires a toolchain with LARGEFILE support"
+ depends on !BR2_LARGEFILE
+Note that such dependencies will make sure that the dependency option
+is also enabled, but not necessarily built before your package. To do
+so, the dependency also needs to be expressed in the +.mk+ file of the
The +.mk+ file