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docs/manual: add documentation for the "make sdk" target
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@@ -12,11 +12,15 @@ The toolchain generated by Buildroot is located by default in
+output/host/bin/+ to your PATH environment variable and then to
use +ARCH-linux-gcc+, +ARCH-linux-objdump+, +ARCH-linux-ld+, etc.
-It is possible to relocate the toolchain - but then +--sysroot+ must
-be passed every time the compiler is called to tell where the
-libraries and header files are.
+It is possible to relocate the toolchain, this allows to distribute
+the toolchain to other developers to build applications for your
+target. To achieve this:
+* run +make sdk+, which prepares the toolchain to be relocatable;
+* tarball the contents of the +output/host+ directory;
+* distribute the resulting tarball.
+Once the toolchain is installed to the new location, the user must run
+the +relocate-sdk.sh+ script to make sure all paths are updated with
+the new location.
-It is also possible to generate the Buildroot toolchain in a directory
-other than +output/host+ by using the +Build options -> Host dir+
-option. This could be useful if the toolchain must be shared with
-other users.